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Political Eye P2

Most Influential Beliefs

  1. Closed Borders. The belief that we should not just let anyone into our country. How this helps. I know people like to paint immigrants as peaceful people leaving problems in their own country, but some are violent. It could decrease crime. Less money spent on immigrants. How This Hurts. Immigrants do cheap labor, it wont be as cheap, but it would save the country’s government money.
  2. Death Penalty. Ok, ok, let me explain. While lots of Democrats, and Republicans, and Independents, all hate the death Penalty, Republicans are its prime supporters. How this helps. It makes sure murderers, and rapists, and so many other horrible criminals never come back. How this hurts. An innocent person may be killed, and have that smidge on their family, and name, for years, and years.
  3. Welfare. A lot of people don’t work, that’s a fact. Some of them have various health reasons, some of them just want to leech off the government, and get free money so they don’t have to work. The Republican party wants to make sure those on welfare (who can work) get jobs, and once they’re well set-get them off of welfare. How this helps. More money, more people working, more money for the citizens, better lives for our citizens, and some jobs may increase health. How this hurts. Some jobs don’t increase health, infact they may hurt it. It a very, very, very slight health risk.
  4. Tax Reduction. The Republican party wants the average American to live in luxury. They want our country to be the best. So generally it isn’t weird that they would want less taxes. How this helps. More money in your pocket. And they believe more people will want to be entrepreneurs. How this hurts. Less taxes may mean that our roads, and various other things will take a little hit.
  5. Better education should be for those who try, and are talented. Republicans want those who try, and those who have the talent to receive more options for better education. How this helps. The government funds many schools, and if this happened only the people who have skills, and show Motivation, would be able to use these schools. This gives them a better education, and if you add on the fact that they are already talented mentally, or that they are trying, and showing Motivation, this could lead to better doctors, vets, and many more professional career, whether your poor, or rich. How this hurts. Lots of people are forced into higher education by their parents. If they dont show skill, or Motivation, they won’t get in. This could anger their parents by not getting in, and cause family problems.

Most Influential Acts

  1. No more slavery. I know this wasn’t current, and I know most African-Americans are Democrats, but the fact remains without the Republicans black people may still be enslaved. Abraham Lincoln was literally the worlds first Republican president. It was an act of the Republicans that it was abolished.
  2. Iran Nuclear Deal Pull-out. President Donald J Trump pulled us out of the Iranian Nuclear deal. The deal offered iran billions of dollar in sanctions if they agreed to make their nuclear program safer. But this wasn’t the case, as they were still being aggressive in ways that the deal did not prohibit.
  3. Kavanaugh In The Supreme Court. While this is being written Supreme Justice Kavanaugh is still In office, but that does NOT stop dems from trying to get him out of office. People rioted, protested, and just went crazy while he was being nominated, put through court, and when he was elected. (They even threatened his wife, and kids.) All because of Dr Ford who accused him of sexually assaulting her.

4 Most Influential Republicans Right Now

  • Obviously our President Donald J Trump. He has been accused of Russia intervention (while I write this still unproven) that whole stormy Daniel’s thing, and much, much more. Honestly a new thing every day. And between you and me… he is my president, and if you say he isn’t, well then make him not you President by getting the hell out of the this country
  • Brett Kavanaugh. I’m sorry I should say Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh. I support him, but whether you do, or don’t, he is controversial. That court case has, and will be mentioned for a long time, as Democrats are still trying to get him out of office.
  • John McCain. He has passed, and it’s very sad. But while he was alive he was a different sort of politician. He would speak out against the President whether Democrat, or Republican. Again let me say I’m Republican, but I’m not a sheepish follower, I looked into Republicans and saw that they had what I like. McCain was also not a follower, he won’t justify stupid things no matter where they came from. And he loved our country, infact his letter he wrote, when he knew he would die, said

I lived and died a proud American

  • Mike Pence. It’s weird how you hear about every one except this Vice President. I mean he is literally second hand too the most powerful man in the world.You don’t hear about him or what he’s doing. It’s kinda mysterious, and strange. And it’s even weirder coming from who might be the worlds 2nd most powerful man, and maybe even the President if (Hopefully it doesn’t happen) but Trump dies.

Our Statement

Republicans mainly want to bring Americans great lives. They live by the saying “America First” on a scale of Influence they are a 7 out of 10. Mainky because of their accusations against them, and the accomplishments they’re party has.
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