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Political Eye P3

In P1 & P2 I would just list list the most Influential acts, beliefs, and people of a that political party. Now we’ve come to independents. Those who are not part of any party-and I’m going to have to shake things up a bit, because of their smaller size.

Independents In 2018

Probably the only famous independent right now is Bernie Sandars, and though he ran as a dem for the 2016 election, he has put himself in the independent category. The only reason he ran as a Democrat was because he shifted more towards their views.

Other than that in the senate out of the 100 seats 2 are independents, though they lean more towards the Democrats. And none is the house.

Why Are They So Small?

Most people in this world-or at least in the U.S.A want a cause to fight for. They don’t want to be an independent, because when they hear that they hear the word bystander. They will register as independent in Polls done by any company just so that they can get those salesmen-like, pesky, people to leave them alone, they don’t want to answer the question.

Why do they not want to answer? There was no Russia interference, fact is that a majority of people voted for Trump. They won’t admit it though because they don’t want to deal with militant liberals. Because yes! More liberals, and while I’m no fan of them, are more defensive, and militant of their cause. And in every wherever you look, no matter where you look, it won’t be written on their face, but there is a militant liberal ready yell, kick, scream, and call you insensitive.

Then there’s Democrats. Why do they hide under the independent tag? That’s because they are the liberals who don’t believe 100% in liberals. They are unsure. They just don’t have any other options.

2 Most Influential Independents

  • Bernie Sandars. This old, guy has energy. He has spunk. Everyone wants to hear what he has to say, because he is respected, respectful, and he has this cool craziness in his voice when he talks. I’m not supporter of his, and no supporter if obama, but those two are good talkers.
  • Megyn Kelly. Once a FOX news anchor, now an MSNBC news anchor. She is fair honestly. If there is such thing as a true independent, it’s probably her.

Our Statement

In one way Independents are a made up party, a name to hide behind. Yet in the other way it’s a temporary resting spot for those who just haven’t found a party yet. It is a very different weird party.

That’s the last segment, unless they give me another, of Political Eye. Goodbye I’m R.S setter, posting under caden738.


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