How-To use time well in 5 steps

Time doesnt stop. You can stop a clock, but you can’t stop time. That’s a fact. I believe that we are limited to time on earth, I also believe that after we die we either go to heaven, or hell, where time is limitless. We don’t know who we will, and won’t see in heaven, so spend your time on earth wisely, and I’ll tell you how to.

1. Enjoying it is most of the problem. You can’t live life 100% happy, we all get sad. So try to enjoy it as much as you can.

2. Help others. At the time helping that old lady cross the street might seem useless, and stupid, and boring, but afterwards you’ll feel good about yourself, making it worth the time.

3. Relationships are key. There are a lot of people who don’t have girlfriends, or boyfriends, anymore. But having them leads to a wife, and kids. Those will help make your life meaningful to yourself. And having a date as a teen prepares you for when your married, and how to make your partner happy, and give you a marriage that lasts forever.

4. Don’t worry about death cause you cant stop it. When it’s our time to die we will die. You can’t stop it. You may have near-death Experiences, but if they don’t kill you then they never were going to kill you. And if they’re supposed to kill you they will. You cant stop death, no matter how you try.

5. God. Some people find Religion boring, but if you believe in God he will let you into heaven, giving you eternity. Endless time, or joy.