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Perfection Is Announced Before It Is Achieved: A Message To Elon Musk

I’m a sucker for common social conundrums, and this is one. Haven’t you noticed that most scientists, and inventors announce their project, and its “perfection” before they’ve even built or chemically engineered it yet?

Then you need to add into the equation that we still haven’t, and never will achieve true perfection in anything in this world, that is man-made. Your iPhone, Tablet, Macbook, all of that is not perfect, because something that is perfect will not be obsolete in 6 months to a year.The part of perfection in this entire universe sits inside God.

We are not to blame from this though as in a way we do this ourselves. We release a notice on our website for upcoming articles, and series’ before we have even started them. We just never assure perfection. That’s all that’s different.

But to the reason why this is a fault in our society, and it’s stupid. You should not try to achieve perfection, and you should not promise it. If you promise it you will try desperately to achieve an impossible goal. I mean seriously, this isn’t a goal like diets, or studying for the next school semester, this is like promising you’ll build a submarine too save kids trapped in a cave, or promising to get us to Mars, where there’s 2 moons Promising perfection is bat-shit-crazy-elon-musk-sorta thinking but it just might work, maybe somewhere….. somewhere without earths laws, and just plain different, somewhere… like… mars. Wait a sec….. mars doesn’t have OXYGEN! Idiots! Mars has carbon dioxide, and water vapor. P.S millennials, water vaper is not a brand of vape flavoring.

As you can see already we have been leading this article to Elon Musk. This guy is somehow wrong in the head. But trust me he is incredibly popular with the youth, whatever good he does it magnified by 10, whatever bad he does is divided by 20, and forgot 10 seconds later. At least by the majority of the youth. I’m a youth, and I’m not exactly a fan of Elon Musk’s. He does stupid things, and always makes outrageous stupid promises. You wanna quick look? Just look at this tweet.

Did you catch all of that? And those are somewhat serious mainly achievable ones (he hasn’t or didn’t achieve). Crazy ones are more like

And lots more. Just google his name, chances are you’ll read some crazy stuff.

Anyways, Musk, stop promising us so many awesome cool things like space tourism, and a Mars city with a million martians, cause honestly, your not exactly the most promise-keeping kind of person.


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