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Daily Paragraph Conversion Notice

This is a message to anyone who cares to read. The Daily Paragraph page of our website is going to be removed, and archived on a private part of the website. It will then be converted into a weekly post. The post will begin the day of Christmas, until then down below is every single reminnent of the page.

The Daily Paragraph Aug 1st 2018 to Dec 22nd 2018

Dec 22nd 2018

We are removing the daily paragraph page, everything in it will be archived in a private space. But in 3 days we will start the Daily Paragraph Series, with current news, and events.

Dec 15th to Dec 21st 2018

No Entry Recorded

Dec 14th 2018

Yesterday we came back from break, today the end of our break was confirmed. Thank God, and our viewers. Also please remember to donate, so that we can keep this website running, for a very long time. 🙂

Nov 16th to Dec 13th 2018

No Entry Recorded

Nov 15th 2018

Today there is not much to say. There was the funeral of the honorable Seargent Ron Helus who Bravely ran into a bar that was being attacked and shot up by a deranged lunatic. I hope God has blessed that man’s soul.

Nov 3rd to Nov 14th 2018

No Entry Recorded

Nov 2nd 2018

As I write this the midterms are 4 days away on Nov 6th… if the Democrats take the house they could halt what our Great President Trump is doing for America. They could ruin Republicans for a long time. So get out vote, and vote red. #RedTsunami

Oct 13th to Nov 1st 2018

No Entry Recorded

Saturday Oct 12th 2018

This is a day to be remembered. President Donald Trump just got Pastor Andrew Bunson freed after 2 years imprisonment from Turkey. He was found guilty of fake accusations but was sentenced to Time Served. May God hopefully Bless America

Sept 24th To Oct 11th 2018

No Entry Recorded

Sunday 23rd Sept 2018

On Sepf 13th 2018 we published 11 debt help articles, we bulk published because we decided to take a little break. Things will continue as usual on Thursday the 27th of 2018. And we would like to say thank you to all of those who have read this or any other article we have published. May God Hopefully Bless You.

Sept 14th-22nd 2018

No Entry Recorded.

Thursday September 13th 2018

What I can offer now is unwanted. But what I will be able to offer in a year will be sought after. Because I have determination and I will keep up what I do for as long as it takes.

If you noticed I said “what I do” this is for a very simple reason, it’s so that you readers can fill in your own blanks. What do You do? What will You accomplish? That is what you need to determine, and that is what you need to at least try to advance in.

September 9-12th

No Entry Recorded

Saturday September 8th 2018

Entry Removed

September 4-7th 2018

No Entry Recorded

Monday September 3rd 2018

You need to succeed at life no matter how much success you already have. This simply means that no matter success you have in life you have still not succeeded. Success is something we all want but very few get. Believe it or not but even billionaires have not achieved success, but people below the poverty line have. Success is when you believe in God and that he has blessed you no matter how bad things are, it is also helping other with your money no matter how much you have. Success is not a million twitter followers or 10 billion dollars, success IS more worth than moneys value.

August 21st-Sept 2nd

No entry Recorded.

Sunday August 20th

Us here at the H2DIgroup haven’t been doing this that often for quite some time, we are writing and trying to figure out a working schedule. That’s why we put a due date at the bottom of our page, by the time that clock hits 0 we hope to be a very successful website.

May God Hopefully bless America.

Tuesday august 7th-19th

No entry recorded.

Monday August 6th 2018

Entry Removed.

Sunday August 5th 2018

Today in seattle I watched the Blue Angel’s perform. Hopefully God blesses our militia as long as it does good, not unjust. In other plane news our regards out to the 5 who died today after a plane crashed in parking lot of a Santa Ana Supercenter.

Saturday August 4th 2018

No entry recorded.

Friday August 3rd 2018
In skys today was what appeared to be an angel.. Was it an act of God or an act of photoshop. We dont know. Only truly the Witnesses and the man who took the picture knows.

Thursday August 2nd 2018
No Entry Recorded.

Wednesday August 1st 2018

Today we officially start our new Group, and website. Hopefully we are successful.