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Kids & Politics

In our country people aren’t given the voice they used to be given. That may be a cause of the riots from the past, young people want to be heard. We barely hear from 18 year old men, and women about their say on politics, yet Democrats, Republicans, and any political party out there is quick to sweep up their vote, and exploit them.

I am not the sort of person who conforms with the political party I follow, but young people are being raised in an environment where that is an only option. We should find a way for everyone age 14 to 20, and younger to have a voice in our country. And I believe that if we find them a way to have their own control even if it is very small they will be given the confidence to fight for what they actually believe in, and they won’t just blindly follow their favorite celebrities beliefs, and they won’t blindly follow family tradition-but find what speaks to them.

I also believe that this will increase intelligence, because they will want to be on the top of whatever political party they are involved in, and they will (maybe not even knowing it) make themselves smarter. Those with smarts have better morals, and create a better country.

This idea however won’t be looked upon with open minds. Democrats lead the youth with a majority percentage, and they use celebrities who share their views to influence the youth. And Republicans are more traditional, and wouldn’t listen to a 16 year old.

But I encourage you parents at home to have your kids study the constitution, and too teach them morals, and to let them know that they don’t have to do what’s popular.


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