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Youtube’s Kingship & Why It Matters

As so many people know with a matter of a week or two Pewdiepie will most likely be dethroned as the youtube account with the most subscribers by T-series. This is important, but many people don’t know why. Well its mainly for

  • Influence &
  • Money

And we’re going to explain it to you.

The Influential Torch

The truth is that when Pewdiepie is no longer the king of youtube he will no longer have what influence he does manage to have. The person with the most subs is seen as the person with the best videos, so many people will then-when they hear T-series is the #1 account now-they will start watching their videos, and T-series will gain influence. This means that Bollywood which is basically an indian hollywood rip that runs T-series will now have a greater influence in America. Hence India Will Have a bigger influence in America.

What This Means

Most people reading this would then probably mention that Pewdiepie isn’t from, and isn’t in America either. This is true, but Pewdiepie doesn’t make it so obvious. If you scroll through T-series videos you will see they predominantly use Indian language, at least in their titles.

The Problem with this is that kids in America are the most likely to watch these videos, and it’s a risk. It’s a risk because most American kids already don’t have a major respect for America, parents don’t raise their kids that way anymore, and if kids get respect for more another country than this one bad things can happen.

This does not mean they will happen but they can

  • India is overcrowded to say the least, these videos could glorify a country that is unstable and make kids want to move there. In India there can be riots, rebellion, attacks, and according to over 500 experts at ReutersIndia is the world’s most dangerous country for women due to the high risk of sexual violence and being forced into slave labor, according to a poll of global experts
  • This could delude American kids into thinking that India is a perfect country, and lead to American rebellion when the children come of age. They would rebel because they would want America to run in anarchy like India, but of course they are deluded, they don’t know there is anarchy in India.

Of course those are only 2 options.

The Money

This will of course increase for T-series, but money is made off of numbers, and views, and T-series has (as I write this Dec 22 2018) 12 thousand videos. By “numbers” I meant the number of videos. They constantly upload, and get at least 70 million views a day, and Pewdiepie has about at least 20 million. Because of these numbers they do better than Pewdiepie at money. Want proof? Look at these social blade charts.

Thats T-series

And that’s Pewdiepie.

If you look at those numbers T-series makes 7.8 to 125 million dollars a year, while Pewdiepie makes 1.3 to 20 million dollars a year. But remember to calculate in that T-series has more people to pay, and the music videos probably aren’t cheap.

I’m dying for some more comments, some likes, and some shares, I hope you do all 3, but I can settle for 1. Thanks God for making my blog what success it is.