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What Christmas Is To Me In 1000 Words (at least)

I am a devout Christian. I love God, and I realize that the true meaning of Christmas is the birth of Jesus, not presents. So I am going to try to make this article about Christmas in at least 1000 words, however I do have a thing about me where I get very excited, and I just start talking, and writing. However again though I don’t think I’ve ever posted anything on this blog that’s over 500 or 600 words.

X-mas? No, Christmas.

So many people say x-mas nowadays but I don’t, infact I hate it when people say x-mas. When you say that it is really just taking the Christ out of Christmas… literally, its replacing Christ with X. Even if you are not a Christian, and I understand that a lot of people reading this might not be Christians, but remember that this is a day that was once highly religious. Even if you don’t celebrate that religion, but you do celebrate that religious event, you should respect it enough to use the word Christ, not just say X.

If you don’t respect something than don’t partake in it. If you don’t respect someone you don’t vote for them, so if you don’t respect Christianity don’t celebrate our events. Don’t demean our events, and our ceremonies. No matter how much they have changed over the years, because I do admit that we have spoiled our kids to an extent, and they view it as a day of gifts. Most kids do view is as a day of gifts from age 5 (maybe even lower) to millennials.

Not Pagan

So many people will say that Christmas is just a rip-off of a pagan tradition, but that is simply not true. The truth is that the pagans did also have a festival near Christmas time, But to say that we totally ripped them off is a lie. The pagans would do horrible things like:

  • Worship Odin the sun god
  • Get drunk in the streets
  • Worship the sun itself
  • Possible human sacrifice
  • And they probably worshipped rocks

Us Christian’s did not do these things. But we are most commonly said too have taken these 2 things

  • Dec. 25th
  • Feast

I don’t know if Dec 25th was when Jesus Was actually born. No one really does. It could be, it could not be. But before Christmas was set as Christmas it was replacing an old pagan event that did just so happen to have taken place on Dec 25th. Christmas was first officially celebrated on Dec 25th 336 A.D, and by this point and time these pagan traditions were probably for the most part in the past.

And then we come to the feast. Tell me how many holidays have a feast? Yes, it is true that the pagans would have a major feast, on or near Dec 25th. That was a holiday to the pagans so they had a feast. We celebrate Dec 25th as Christmas, and it’s a holiday so people have feasts. You don’t have much evidence there.

Lastly I would like to say, that the Emperor Constantine who was the first Christian Emperer who Set in Christmas As Dec 25th probably was doing it to erase the demonic Dec 25th the pagans had, whether it was in the future, or present at the time. That’s probably why the dates are the same.

564 words so far.

God In Christmas

I have already made it evident on this blog, and on this post that I am Christian. And on this post I have talked about very little how Jesus is the meaning of Christmas. But I want too elaborate more on that.

God made me, you, everything, everyone, accept it or not that’s how it is. God, The Holy Spirit and Jesus are the very meaning of Christmas, we need to respect, and understand that. Accept it or not.

I’m happy knowing that Christmas is about God, and I don’t really care about gifts. I tell people they can give me money, if not it doesn’t matter. In some ways I am very materialistic, but for some reason during Christmas that materialistic feeling just dies temporarily. I think that as I’ve gotten older I’ve just grown out of it, learned to respect God more, and I’m very content.

Are You Truly Christian?

I’m content because since I’ve truly accepted God, he has made my life happy, and full. When I say truly accept I mean I prayed to him, and told him that he was my God. So many people are raised Christians, and they think that that makes them Christians. If you are raised Christian it only matters if you actually believe, and you have said, I accept God, and Jesus Christ As My Savior.

These 5 things at a part in being a true Christian

  • You have interest in Christianity
  • You have Accepted God into your heart (this doesn’t have to be public)
  • You love God, Jesus, and The Holy Spirt
  • You know that you should pray to God For help, and too thank him for helping you
  • You know that Prayer is heard, but your answers, or requests, aren’t always answered

Christ Is Not A Last Name

So many people believe that Jesus’ last name is Christ, but Christ is just his title, he is the Christ. Actually I’m not sure that anyone knows what mary’s last name was, and since God doesn’t have a last name, he would have taken Mary’s. His other title is “Jesus Of Nazareth” and I don’t think that one needs much explanation.

932 words, so far

The Holy Spirit In Christmas

The Holy Spirit is a very powerful diety, he has played a role in Jesus’ life. The Holy Spirit actually was the one who put Jesus inside of Mary.

Wise men

It is Recorded that wise men gave Jesus 3 gifts. However they did not do this as he was born. They could have showed up days, weeks, months, or years after he was born. And who’s to say there was 3 wise men? Jesus was given Frankincense, Myrhh, and Gold. It is not recorded how many worse men there were though, and it is not Recorded how much he was given. There could have been 15 wise men, with 5 of each gifts, there could be 10 wise men with only the 3 gifts, and maybe as little as 2 wise men.

Gift Giving. Yes or No?

Actually the answer is: Yes, in moderation. God gave us Jesus, so why should we not give each other gifts? Gifts make people happy, and Christmas is about being happy. BUT don’t think that Christmas is about gifts. It simply features them.

Thank You God In Heaven, Jesus, And The Holy Spirt. My life Has Been Blessed, And I Hope Everyone Who Reads This Will Have A Good, Blessed Life Too. Thank God. Also Thank You God Jesus, And The Holy Spirot For Giving Me The Knowledge, And Ability To Write This, Full In 1196 Words

Glory to God in the highest heaven,
and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests

Jesus Christ


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