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How To Raise Happy Kids In 3 Ways

It is undeniable that all parents want to see their kids happy and therefore raises them accordingly. The concept of parents showing concern about the wellbeing of their child is a universal phenomenon, and that concern is applicable upon parents and kids of all races, ethnicity, class and social situations. On the internet, you will find various suggestion on how to raise smart and successful kids, but still, the parents feel that something is missing from their upbringing side. The missing part is the notion, are the kids happy?

At this point, parents are confronted with the biggest challenge of their lives. There are numerous things that kids may find interesting, appealing and will give them utter happiness, but they may not be beneficial for them. Therefore, the parents at the end of the day, are stuck in a dilemma and dichotomy is to what is right for their kids and what makes them happy. They will often find themselves battling with the series of complex situations and scenarios. Keep in mind that fulfilling children desires out of your sheer love for them will not make matters worse for them in the long run.

Therefore, here are some of the suggestions that will allow you to raise happy kids in a social setting that is infused with wonderment, joy, and inspiration.

Be Happy Yourself & It Will Reflect

Keep in mind that children are always the reflection of their parent’s nurturing and upbringing. Even when the child is in the mother’s womb, he is capable of infusing all emotions that the mother is going through. If the mother surrounds herself with aspects that brings happiness and relaxations to her, the child will feel the same sensation inside. In this way, a happy and relaxed mother gives birth to an emotionally controlled happy child. Similarly, the child’s behavior pattern in the later part of his life reflects the level of harmony he sees in his parents. If his parents exhibit love and harmonious relationship with one another the same will be reflected in the child in his personal and professional life.


Storytelling and reading out loud to your children is one of the best ways to give them lasting happiness because at that time is close to you. By cuddling the toddler in your lap and telling them the magical stories of the Disney world, you allow them to move away from the blunt world that is too constricted and limited for their creative minds. As you read out loud to your children, they end up learning new words and will try to formulate them into active sentences. In this way, storytelling fosters educational experience along with a sparkle of joy and happiness.


It is high time that parents step out of the comfort zones of their recliners and spend a quality amount of time with their child by being mischievous with them in the outdoors. They should run with them in the parks, chase the wild ducks, make them watch the happy birds soaring in the sky out of freedom, take them to the zoo, mow the garden with them and wash their little tricycle together. In other words, make the child sweat in the daylight and allow them to reflect upon the wonders of nature. Even if they receive few bruises while being naughty in the park, they will learn more about life in general and these moments will become something they will hold on to for the rest of their lives.