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2018 Music Sucks. Is There Hope For 2019’s To Be Better?

Unless your a millennial, a parent suffering a midlife crisis, or a child by heart, or in general, you probably are pretty aware that all the music since 2010 has gone downhill, and it’s currently at its highest point of Shitty-ness.

Unfortunately hope for 2019 is very, very unlikely because kids dominate the music industries interests. If every single kid loved rock, Then there would be tons of rock bands. That’s because kids use technology more than most adults, and when kids are using their IPads, and iPhones, they watch YouTube. If these Youtube “Stars” get lots of views, and a little fame then they’ll keep repeating the same crap. Again though it might be a blessing for us rock fans, because they have ruined rap,if kids enjoyed rock they could have have ruined that too.

We have made a list of the 10 worst artists, that are currently in existence.

10 Worst Artists

  • Cardi B Rapper
  • Post Malone Rapper
  • Kendrick Lamar Rapper
  • Justin Bieber Rapper/Pop
  • Unfortunately eminem has ruined his goodness, and released 2 albums of shit, so Eminem Rapper
  • Cole Swindell Country
  • Drake Rapper
  • Arianna Grande I Cant Really Tell…
  • Rihanna rapper/pop/others
  • Miley Cyrus pop/maybe some rap/others

The fact that all of these people are popular Artists right now is sad. What happened to the times when you actually had to know how to play an instrument? Eminem even sold out, his music used to be so good. He’s sold out, and conforms too society. And when eminem conforms, that’s just not good eminem.

These are the 5 worst songs in existence right now.

5 Worst Songs

  • Kodak Black
  • Rockstar
  • Venom
  • God is a women
  • And of course, justin Biebers Baby, it doesnt matter how old that songs gets, it will always suck the same.

These songs all suck. I mean every single rapper has a tattoo on their face nowadays. Look at the goofy fuck down below this Paragraph!

Beware Jack Sparrow, this guy has more gold in his teeth than you have in your pirate chest!

However I would not say all hope is lost. We still have some hope, because hope in anything is never lost. That hope will always live in someone, pr something.