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2,500 Words (or more) On 2018 & The New Year

I recently wrote What Christmas Is To Me In 1000 Words (Or More) and well it was kinda exciting. So to start of this article let me say that my goal is too have a 15,000 word article all done by the time 2019 is over. I want to achieve that. Even if nobody reads, likes, comments, subscribes, I Don’t Care. This is going to be like a personal goal. So let’s see if I can get at least 2,500 words out about 2018 & The new year.

So before I officially begin let me just say that the new year is not more important to me than Christmas, if I had though of it I would have done 2,500 words about Christmas, but 1000 seemed like a lot at the time.

Greater Achievements

So this kind of dwells on that subject. If you achieve something that sounded hard to do, it wont sound hard to do anymore, and then you’ll go for higher. I want to break my achievements that I’ve made. The problem is that I didn’t do much in 2018. I was hiding, and afraid. This website truly opened me up, it made me want to advertise on twitter, so I got hooked on Twitter which brightened me up a little. I loved 2018 because while I didn’t achieve much, I Achieved the achievement of lessening my introversion, and now I have a couple more friends, and I’m. Just. Happy.

Making Achievements

So obviously I didn’t get much done in 2018, so 2019 here I come with greater hopes!!! I’ll make something of myself, I’ve made a small list of Achievements down below

  1. Write a 15,000 word article
  2. Get to greater heights
  3. Lose some wheight

So obviously everyone makes number 3, but I think that #1 is really unique, and #2 is not really, but sorta unique.

So let me say something: I started this thing ten minutes ago (11:12 or 13 Dec 28th) , and I think it may be kinda sorta therapeutic, because words just keep spilling out, and I cant stop myself. Yet its that you-cant-stop-yourself-but-its-ok feeling, because I’m really energetic.

So let’s elaborate on those ideas, and how I’m gonna do them.

15,000 Word Article

So I first wrote a 1,000 word article, now I’m on 2,500 words, but after this I plan on only going up by no more than 2,000 words per article-BUT only on holidays, birthdays, special stuff like that. I mean a 15,000 word article doesn’t sound that hard when you think about it, but it’s kinda like #3 (lose wheight) it seems easy at first and you might get partway there, but dont get cocky. You know what I’m saying.

Oh the words they just keep poring out, I mean I’m typing at least 20 words per minute, no more than 30 though. That doesnt sound like much, but it kinda is considering I’ve gotta go back, and correct my grammar mistakes. So let’s get started on #2…

Get This Website To Greater Heights

So this website isn’t exactly a “failure” I mean hey I just got us to at least 2 posts per day, though sometimes it’s only 1 per day. That’s better than the 1 every 2 days it was at. So greater heights, this can mean many things. For me though it means 2 things

  • Enough money to make a living
  • Getting mentioned by Forbes

Now every single writer wants to be able to make a living, but this isnt accomplished by every single writer. I mean I understand SEO, and other stuff better now, but it’s gonna be hard getting to the heights I want, which is really just making a living, and getting mentioned by Forbes.

Now I dont care if I ever hate what Forbes says, but it’s amazing to get shouted out by them. I would love it of they would just mention in a sentence, of course though I dont read every article they write. I do however read every article writes. Did you know that inspired me to create because I loved their website, and I wanted one just as successful. I mean I love the Photoplasty, pictofacts, I’m no lazy reader though, I dont just read the easy ones is what I mean. I also really enjoy just the normal articles.

What I love most about Cracked is the Personal Experiences, I now have my own Personal Stories part to my website and a great achievement for my blog would be if I could get enough visitors for them to just email me a personal story, or request to be interviewed. Please help with this and email me a personal story, or request to be interviewed at

798 words so far not counting this!!!

Lose Some Wheight

Now I’m not a person who beats themself up about looks, or anything like that. I mean I’m very modest, I could be the worlds strongest man, but I would never glorify myself for it, or show off anything. My dad thinks he’s a world class bodybuilder, and he’s an egotistical dick. I hate that crap. His egotistical attitude didn’t rub off on me though, and I don’t like to brag. The only thing I would ever want to brag about is having a world class blog, looks though, Eh, I dont really care. I mean God gave some of us better looks than others.

Now if your ego is a little bit inflated (and trust me most peoples are, mine is a little inflated too) you would think that this means I’m ugly, but no. If your modest you would know that this means I just don’t really care.

So then you might say “well if your so modest, and you don’t care about it why do you wanna lose weight” well sir, or mam, that’s because I wanna be healthy.

Ok I’m gonna stop this because I’m starting to sound egotistical about what modesty I have.

How has life been 2018

It’s been great. Like I said I have more friends, I’m more open, I’m just happier. Now my sister, well, she’s just terrible sometimes. She goes to a small school of just over 70 kids, and she’s that little schools “Queen” now that popularity no matter how small went to her head. She has become stubborn, again like my dad egotistical, and she has become accustomed to being right all the time. Which she is not. She is so popular because my dad, and mom are divorced, my dad who went on to make a little higher than fair living took me, my mom who became a little under the poverty line took her.

Now I went to the City, she went to the town. The town (who’s name I wont disclose) is a weird small town. Usually small towns keep their own Traditions, but every kid from this small town of 1,000 people thinks they’re from the city (the closest city is an hour and a half away from them) so they all keep up on the current trends. Then comes along my sister up to my house in the city, she gets mad while she’s there because everyone doesn’t know her name. Then my dad spends $1,200 on some clothes for her, she goes back to the small town with the newest trends on her back, waist, and feet, and she Buys her popularity from them.

Now that’s a sh*t ton of money to them. Up in the city where I live with over a 100,000 population that keeps growing, that’s next to 2 other cities with a 120,000 combined population and growing, $1,200 isnt as much. But in that city your either a bar tender, cop, factory worker, or most predominantly logger. In the city you may make $70,000 annually, and live OK, but there you make $30,000 annually, and you live great, and happy. In the end though the city folk pocket more money, and what they call OK the mountain towns would call Wonderful, so it’s really a point-of-view thing.

1356 words. Ok people it’s been about 45 mins to an hour, goodnight. I’ll finish this Tomorrow, so It may seem different.

OK it’s the 29th now at 9:12 AM I’ve got to hurry haven’t even had coffee yet.

Anyways life has been good. You k ni ow in my family there is the occasional brat, but it’s good, they’re acting good right now. Now? Well as of right now Dec 29th we’re in Hawaii. I cant remember when we got here or how long it’s been, all I know is that it’s a 10 day trip, and I think its only been about 5 days.

Listen it’s been only 9 minutes, and I haven’t gotten much done I’ll be back after I get my coffee.

12:30 AM and good to go

Ok so my life is not perfect but it’s great. Like I said I’m in hawaii right now, and at this current second I’m sitting on my porch waiting this. I’m starting at the hilton waikoloa village, but enough about me. Let’s look at other people I know, and how it’s been for them.

3 Other people

Dad: so my dad owns a store with my Grandmother. He took a little pay cut, and so did she. They did it because they’re saving up to build a new store. He sold our house, and bought his dream cabin, he bought a 28 or 30 foot Larson boat, and he traded in his truck for a new one.

What I rate his year as… 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

It could have been better, but an 8 is still good.

Grandma: Her life is really good. She makes lots of money at her, and my dads store, and she has a Corvette, and is just really well off in life. Nothing has really happened in 2018 for her though. The only outstanding thing in her life this year is that she had a cancer scare, and she had to have surgery. But in that scare she planned a bunch of cool trips, and those are gonna be great. She isnt generally a giving person, but she made these trips for all the family. A rome cruise, an Australian 14 day cruise (in 2 months), and the hawaii trip now.

What I rate her year as…

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Sorry grandma, but that cancer scare, and not to mention two of her 3 kids relapsed took a toll on your year. Hey, better Hope’s for 2019

My Sister: You know those moms who’s life kinda sucks, but they’re so egotistical, and miserable they try to make it look perfect. Well take away the motherhood, and put them in a mid-lofe crisis state, and that’s my sister. I’m not gonna elaborate, but shes under 20 years old, and she pretends she’s a rich girl, and like her life is fancy cheese, perfect life, tons of wine, a million social media followers. She doesn’t have any of those. She likes to show off to her “friends”. Those “friends” are bought though, you can always tell when they’re real or not. My sister is actually miserable, and has to make you miserable too. I just avoid her now if I can, I dont wanna touch her with a 10-foot poll. She’s my sister though.

What I rate her year as…

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

She hasn’t had any scares, and she doesn’t have real friends. She does delude herself though, and in her own mind her life is perfect. In the real world though I give her a 6.

1,970 words so far

This year though is one thing, a and the world is not a person. So let’s look at

The World: I tend to look on the brightside, and I don’t deal with what everyone else deals with. So please just rate it 1 to 10 in the comment down below. And maybe give a reason, but that’s really up to you.

I’m guessing I’ve hit 2,000 by now. 5,000 is starting to seems like a lot.

Free Write

No more categories, no more subjects. I’m just gonna write, and see what comes out. Starting….. now!!!

I guess I’m sort of a realist. Yes I think 2019 is going to be amazing, but it’s not like its gonna be perfect. I love writing though. I could just sit here, and wrote until its 2020, or my head starts to hurt. Just one day I wanted money so I made then I started writing, and it hooked. Now I understand stuff more, and I’m happy. I can’t wait until I reach that 1,000 post mark. However I think my other blog will reach that first. Cause while is my passion, and it makes more money is just so much easier. Honestly it’s a photo blog, I just text and say “hey send me a picture of a dog or cat or whatever type of animal” then they send it, and I post it.

Every human needs some sort of recognition, and I don’t get that very often on here. I’m actually thinking about abandoning my blog hs1day even though it has the most likes on it. Then second is brightleigh, then third is The H2DI Group. I would love It if you guys would like this post, just everyone that reads this. If I can get 50 likes then that would make this blog the most liked, and I really just have greater Hope for this one.

You know if your a reader of mine, which I really don’t expect you to be, you should know I Love God, and he has made my life so nice, and given me a good life. At the end of every hs1day post I gave my love for God, and the readers, and I was just happy. That wore of though. I abandoned H2DI for a while cause of it.

People have never asked before, but H2DI means “How 2 Do It” if you google it though some Arabic word comes up.

OK so I’m at 2,407 words, and I’m going out to lunch. Its 1:16 PM I’ve been writing for 45 mins to an hour. I’ll see you in like 3 seconds cause time doesn’t pause for those reading this.

Started up again at 4:25 PM Dec 29th

Anyways to sum it up 2018 was for the most part pretty amazing. At least it was for my family. I had fun, my family had fun. I hope everyone not reading this, and everyone reading this feels the same way. If no though go ahead and mention what you think in the comments. Also I’m trying to get too 50 likes to tap that like button that’s somewhere down there. Please maybe subscribe, and make my new year start off with a BANG. Thanks.

I’m caden738, and join me for my next 1000+ word article.

I reached 2,528 words. 🙂


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