Year: 2019

Social Media: Not A Place For Your Drama

Am I the only one that is getting annoyed when people post their personal drama, and passive-aggressive things on social media? I use Facebook to see old friends, too get reconnected. Not to read a post about how “some people are just controlling and hate their lives”. If you have a problem with someone tell […]

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Who Do You Think Has The Best Chances To Win The USA 2020 Presidential Race

So far there are several people who have put their foot in the pool of the 2020 Presidential Election campaign. Who do you think will win? Of course there are more opponents that are running, but these are the only two that are running that are receiving media attention.

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1,400 Word Essay On Presidents Day

It is no secret that I’m a fan of our current president Donald Trump. I enjoy Presidents, and all politics in general. Hey I’m not even 20 yet maybe I’ll be a senator some day. It’s not like being President, but it’s a start. I enjoy Presidents day for the same reason most young people […]

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How Social Media Ruined Kids Perception Of The Real World

Have you ever gone on Twitter, and seen someone with a million followers posting pictures of themselves on a boat, or with a brand-new expensive car? Or anything like that on Instagram, Facebook, snapchat, et cetera. Well most of us know that that’s not how life really is. It isn’t glamour, and fortune unless you […]

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Become A Member For Free!!!

Becoming a member to my site is incredibly easy. You just create a username, type in your real name, and input an email. Then write up a password. If you ever lose your password you can just click the menu, then click become a member and member Settings, then click reset password. Easy as 1 […]

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