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Month: January 2019

Why People Blog P1

Some people (as I have said before) blog for wealth. Some people blog so that they can gain a fanbase, or followers, or subscribers. Some people blog hoping to find listening ears to what they have. To. Say. Well, not me! The reasons behind my blogging are hidden throughout my life, my upbringing, and certain […]

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Why You Should Play Instlife

Lots of people right now like life simulation games. I am one of those people, and I am a mega fan of Instlife. Instlife is very simple, very easy, and constantly updates and improves. You know if you have read this section of my blog that I have 2 things that I go over, and […]

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New Abortion Law Is Worse Than You Think

Lots of people are talking about this new abortion law in New York that makes it legal for pregnancies to be “Terminated” up until the date of birth. Well what if I told you it’s much worse than that? The women can have the baby terminated while she is giving birth. This means that the […]

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Write For TheH2DIGroup.com: Gain Experience, Make Some Cash

Hello I’m R.S setter. I write here for theh2digroup.com, and I enjoy what I do. Anyways our website could always use more writers. The main two reasons I can give you to write for us are Experience, and Cash. When I first started writing I wasn’t good. Now I write a couple of articles here, […]

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“Seattle Looks Like Shit” Facebook Page Is A Realistic Look At Seattle

So far over 40,000 people have liked a Facebook page titled “Seattle Looks Like Shit”, and I’m here to tell you how accurate that page actually is. I love Washington (state), the state is amazing, but the cities are a whole different story. It’s truly the towns that make this a great state. When most […]

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