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The Good & The Bad Of Lewis County, Wa

This Article Features the good, and the bad about Lewis County, Wa, and the people who reside inside of it.


Ben Eastman was murdered, because he allegedly raped the sister of brothers Benito Marquez, and Jonathan Adamson.

The women who stabbed her boyfriend in the neck in 2016, and by-the-way he didn’t die, and her 26 months are up. So she’s roaming that town as you read this.

Drugs & More Drama

The towns current mayor former police chief Dan Mortenson once had a small nickname in the town. “Doper Dan” he is believed my many to be a drug addict, we can’t confirm, or deny this claim though.

Meth heads are about as common as raccoons. There is even a man who has a steadfast cabin in the middle of DNR (Department of natural resources) land, he was grandfatheres in, and cant be kicked out easily. so he steals cars, then when the police chase him he hopes out of the car, and runs of into his hidden cabin. The police don’t wanna chase an addict through the woods. He could jump out from the tree’s at any moment. Not to mention his cabin is believed to be booby trapped. It’s also not likely the town of 1,000 people has the time, resources, or money to search federal land.

Then there’s the story of the women who stabbed her boyfriend in the neck, and he lived. Well the girls name was Grace Barker, and her close friends suspect she was on some sort of drug. Though this cannot be confirmed.


We have already mentioned the Murder of Ben Eastman, and when Grace Barker attempted to murder her boyfriend. This seems like a handful already, but it’s only a handful in an overloaded bucket.

Lewis County has a violent crime rate of 47.5 and a population of roughly 80,000.

The average violent crime rate in the USA is 31.1 and the average County population is 100,000

This means that Lewis county is 20% Below the average county population, but roughly 53% More Violent Crime

Common Loss Of Small Town Values

We are going to analyze Morton Wa, a town of 1,000 in lewis county, Wa.

Before I continue I will say that i have 3 sources from Morton Washington who helped me write this article. Their names however will not be given out, because everyone in morton knows each other. Morton has a web that reaches to towns like Mossyrock, Packwood, Glenoma, and Randle. This is possibly the only small town value they have kept.

Small town values are

  • Good Strong Leaders
  • Hospitality
  • Abstinence from Drugs, sex, and alcohol
  • Religion
  • Keeping Kids Separated from the stress, and fads of the city

So let’s see how Morton matches up. The good, and the bad.

Good Strong Leaders

So the mayor is a suspected drug addict. That’s not good. But then again you can call any cop a leader in their community, but that’s still not good for this town. The cops, and normal people all know each other. So If the cop see’s a family member committing an illegal activity they can let it slide, or if they hate someone they can give them a ticket for some BS reason. And they live up to those things.

It’s actually not uncommon for a town cop to pull over an unfamiliar car with a city boy in the driver seat. They just don’t like people not from their town. That brings us to…


So we just mentioned the whole cop thing, and normal workers aren’t much different. Infact I pulled a test, it was like this

One day I went to get a coffee from the drive-thru coffee shop that’s across the street from the grocery store, and in the same parking lot as the gas station. The women who was serving the coffee was very rude. I assumed it was because I was from out-of-town so I requested one of my sources to immediately go back, and order the same drink. What do you know! Their drink tasted better, and the women working the stand was kinder. Now I don’t expect special treatment, and I understand she would treat a friend better. That doesn’t mean that the women had t be so rude, and I think she purposely messed up my drink, so I wouldn’t come back.


I have also met many good people, those guys that would pull over to help you out a ditch, and those who would help you if you got robbed, or shot. The good outnumber the bad, snobby people. I just added in that first part, to let you know of the bad.

Abstinence From Drugs, Sex, And Alcohol

Lots of guys want to date a small-town girl. They think she’s gonna be a tomboy, who’s never had sex. And lots of small towns pride themselves, and say they don’t have the drugs, sex, and all the drinks that the city has. This is true in a sense. A small town with 1,000 people VS a city with 50,000 people. The city will probably have more than a 1,000 drunks, and addicts, whether drug or sex addicts. That is only 2% of the city though… compared to the town having only 100 drunks, drug addicts, and sex addicts. That’s 10% of the town.


I will say that in this area the 3 wood mills hire a majority of the population, and after a day in a mill, you’ll probably want a beer. And if only 10% of the people who want a beer after work become drunks, that’s not to bad. It’s not good, but better than them all becoming drunks. And when I say drunk, I mean the ones that drink, and drive, and the ones that get in bar fights. If you sit down in a bar, and get a buzz that’s not a problem. As long as you don’t drive.


Small towns aren’t all Churches, Jesus. There are more atheists, and other religious types than you would think. The reason for this I don’t know. Maybe the absence of a belief in God is the reason why they’ve lost some morals.


The people that are faithful, and God Loving, are really religious. They’re good people.

Keeping Kids Separated From the Stress, and the Fads of the City

From what I’ve heard lots of the kids still have city fads. They all try and wear the newest shoes, and listen to the newest rap music. Because of this they still most likely have the stress of the city. This is because city kids stress about if they are up-to-date, and they worry about if they’re gonna be made fun of. If these kids live up to the newest fads like I’ve heard, this means that they probably give kids who don’t live up to the fads a hard time. How hard that time is I don’t know.


I have very little doubt that these kids will grow up to be good men, and women. For many of them it’s likely just a phase.


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