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Government Shutdown Update

Today the Government shutdown reached a peaking point at 21 days, and is now tied with the Bill Clinton 1995-96 as the longest Government shutdown in history.

The questions that everyone is asking are

  • How much longer will it last?
  • Are government workers being paid?
  • Will Trump get the wall?

How Much Longer Will It Last?

Chances are that this shutdown will go on for quite a while. As President Trump has said that the shutdown could go on for weeks, or even years. I’m very positive that the answer to this question is the Government Shutdown will go on as long as the Democrats let it go on. They have the power to approve the wall, and if they don’t approve it.

I firmly believe that the Democrats need to just fold, and approve the wall. And I know that to a common person in America 15-20 billion can sound like a lot. But to a country like America it’s not a great deal of money.

You need to ask yourself if this $15 billion dollar wall is worth the lives it saves. Then consider that the next person to get attacked by an illegal could be you.

Are Government Workers Being Paid?

This is one of those rare questions with a yes, but not currently answer. The workers are still doing their jobs, and they are still making money. They just won’t receive their paychecks until the shutdown ends.

This is a screwed deal. The only real big problem is that these workers have payments, and families. Of course they could take out a Loan, but that would probably screw them worse. The fact is that these workers will just have to wait until the shutdown ends.

Will Trump Build the Wall?

Studies have been done showing how effective the wall could be. Then studies have been done showing how ineffective the wall could be. This is a very common case in America, when one study says one thing, another says different. Like some say the wall could cost $15 billion, some say $70 billion. When you add up all these factors, you realize that there is just as much a chance Trump will build the wall, as the chance he won’t. The Answer is 50/50


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