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How Animals Are Essential For Life As We Know It

Animals are a basis for life, without them there is no joy, and there is no happiness, not to mention the fact that there is no living. We used their pelts for clothes, and their meat for eating, and trained ones for defense, and offense.

They are truly a basis of out life. And I have already proven by now that without them many of us probably would not be here today.


Did you ever read the book about true story of the 12 year old girl who was stranded on an island. Anyways she made friends with the animals, most memorable the Wolf. The wolf which was vicious became her friend, and her companion. It is a truth that animals are needed for companionship.

This comes from a lifelong introvert. Sure I opened up to my old friends, and good friends. But my animals were my true friends. I was happy. They were my companions, they made my life better. I love them too, every single one of them. From Mama Bear the Hamster, to Ivy the Chinchilla. They are just awesome pets.

Ivy & Moma Bear


As I mentioned in the first Paragraph we used them for war. While this may seem cruel to some it was a common, terrifying, smart, and cool thing. I know that some of you are probably saying “smart? That’s animal abuse!” Well if your thinking that, then your an idiot. Think outside the box people. Most of the Romans that Hannibal was fighting had never seen an elephant before. Infact they had probably never seen an animal that big. The Romans were probably in shock, and disbelief.

I highly doubt very many of the elephants were actually killed.

In the end the fact remains: Animals are essential for life.


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