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Notice: Internet Polls & CS

Hello, and do we have some good news. Tomorrow we will be adding another category: Internet Polls. This new category was introduced because we want to find out what you think.

Though this new category is added with some bad news. If your a frequent reader of ours, or possibly a subscriber then you will know that we have been wanting to add a CS (Comedy/Satire) category to theh2digroup.com. However we cannot do this because we could not find someone good at writing comedy, or satire. If you have a good sense of humor, or a satrical ability, and you can express it in words, then please click this link to this form, and just submit you application as guest post, and request for us to hire you as our writer. We can’t pay much, but if you accept PayPal we can pay some. Unless you just want to write for free. That would be great.


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