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How to Enjoy A Sick Day in 5 Ways

When your sick your days probably suck. It’s most likely boring sitting at home all day, probably alone. I’ll give your 5 steps to enjoy a sick day.

Step 1 Comedy

There are hundreds of comedy websites nowadays. You can read which is one of the funniest websites ever, or watch CollegeHumor. Then of course there’s also other forms of comedy like standup. I suggest going on YouTube to find stand up, because Netflix just over does it, and it’s not funny. And there’s tons more on YouTube.

Step 2 Choosing Good TV

Most likely if your sick at home your watching tv, but what tv are you watching? To ensure yourself that you will have a good sick day some people like to create certain lists of TV specifically for when they are sick.

Personally I like Breaking Bad, and old comedy like Taxi. When I’m sick at least. Then when I run out of those shows I just pick a new one. Keep your list ready, and if your sick now make one it’s time occupancy. Don’t forget though that it doesn’t have to be TV, it can be Twitch, or YouTube. If your into those sort of things.

Step 3 Time Occupancy

As I write this right now I’m sick. Just though you should know that. I got the idea to write this after I searched how to enjoy a sick day myself. But you know that saying “you’ve gotta do it yourself if you want it done right” so here I am occupying my time by writing this. Occupying time makes you forget the sickness for a while.

Here’s a list of a couple more things to occupy time, and let you know how to enjoy a sick day.

  • Write. Like me, even if you don’t care.
  • Research. Just Google some stuff your curious about, learn some more about Rome. Whatever just learn.
  • Art. Keep paint at home, or have someone go by you some. Who knows, you could be the next Picasso brought out by the flu. Or maybe some clay for sculptures, or whatever other types of art there is.
  • Games. If someone is staying at the house with you play a board game.
  • Movies. Much like TV, except different.

There’s a small list for you.

Step 4 Pets (Optional)

This section is only for those who have pets, if you don’t have one I suggest you get one. I have 3 dogs next to me now, it’s great to have these guys when I’m like this. Basically teach a dog or cat a trick. Play with a hamster or Guinea pig. Just don’t ride a horse outside, your sick remember that.

Like always there’s alternatives to those things though. Maybe just lay down next to a dog, let the cat lay by your head. I’ve heard of tame rabbits who act like dogs, and if you have one of those then let it act like a dog, and sit on your lap. Being with an animal is How to Enjoy a sick day.

Step 5 People

You don’t need to be around people, but call someone. Call a relative who you haven’t talked to in a while, or just text a friend. Heck an email even helps with loneliness if they respond soon enough. Just try to strengthen old friendships, and relationships in general.

If you do want to call though think fo something you want to talk about for at least 20 or 30 minutes, and think of someone who you think would he available to talk that long. If they can’t just try again with another person.

Invite someone over if you think your not contagious, and eventually if you get someone to come enjoy a day or even just half an hour with them.

I hope this helped, please subscribe if you liked it. Bye.


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