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Personal Story: Life After Losing It All To Alcohol

This story seems like a common one. Man gets drunk, gets addicted to alcohol, and loses it all. Unfortunately those stories are so common in our world. Though this man wants to tell you his story, and hopefully someone who’s a drunk now will read it, and hopefully that man will give up alcohol.

My name is Tom. I don’t expect any pity for what I did, maybe a Prayer. That’d be nice, a Prayer. So one day me, and my brother are drinking up in the woods. We had shot, and killed a couple of young bucks, and with no experience at all tried making our own jerky. Then our friend came up, and for respect out of his family I won’t name him, but with that remark you should already know how this ends.

After each one of us had gotten completely drunk we set up the tents, but my friend wanted to go out for cigarettes. He took his car, crashed, and died.

Little while later my wife started cheating on me. We got into a fight, I was drunk. Let’s just say 3 months later I was acquitted for domestic abuse, but don’t think you’d get so lucky. I don’t know how I was acquitted, but if I wasn’t it would be 10 years later and I’d probably still be in jail. But I lost it all. I lost everything.

So after the divorce and everything I moved in with a friend. Eventually over time I got a job working 60 hours a week. My money was spent on pills, alcohol, and paying back 20k plus some more on lawyer fees. Not even counting what I owed my friend.

Things after that went alright. For a while. Started a buisness, got custody of one of my kids.

Then alcohol took another sharp turn in my life. I got into an accident, really bad. I’ve got some scars that are never going away, and some pain that’s never, and will probably never reside. As you can imagine after that I decided it was time to quit alcohol.

Yet a women can change any guys mind. I got a girlfriend, and she was crazy, a drunk, and lots more things I can’t say here. She made me happy for a short while she was fun. My kid liked her. My kid also begged me to get off of alcohol though, so after a long time of datin’ her I broke it off. I got clean, life got better.

Life After Alcohol

I’m a somewhat success in my family now. I got clean when I was 38 or so, and I got a house. Not to mention a nicer car. My kid is happy, my family is happy. All I needed was to kick the alcohol, and make God, and my kid #1. At least in my life. Now I’ve got more than before, and you can too. Quit alcohol, trust God, and make your life better.


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