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TV Shows: Why Do Their Seasons Keep Getting Fewer Episodes? A Useless Answer To A Weird Question. Even Though The Answer Is On The Photo Of This Article. Seriously Just Read The Caption Of The Photo… Please Read Though… We Enjoy The View Count…

Back in the time of Taxi, and I Love Lucy, not to mention Frasier the seasons had 20, and even up to 35 episodes. What has changed? Well my personal opinion is that as time goes by the TV world just keeps on pushing out junk, and this junk comes in fewer numbers than the original good stuff.

Don’t get me wrong, their are good shows with small amounts of Episodes in their seasons. Shows like

  • It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia
  • Disenchantment
  • 13 Reasons Why

I could name more, but their really isn’t much more. If you noticed something repeating their it’s that mainly Netflix has shows with 10, or 13 episodes. Also Danny DeVito is one of my favorite actors (he’s in It’s Always Sunny & Taxi)

Danny DeVito

This article isn’t about Danny DeVito though, let’s save that article till later. This article is about why so many shows have so little episodes. Then those shows just so happen to (most of the time) be horrible TV shows. Horrible TV shows like

  • Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina
  • The Ranch
  • Narcos
  • I’m not italicizing these shows because they suck to bad for TV, that’s why their on Netflix
  • I Am A Killer
  • Cooking On High
  • Ok now let’s leave Netflix, and we’ve Got…
  • The Punisher
  • The Good Place

And that’s all (for now). Sure I’m sure that theirs more shows, but even terrible shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine have a respectable amount of episodes.

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There are exceptions however. To good shows like Game of Throwns, and that’s the only exception. I don’t even watch that show, I just like the way their cover looks.

The Photo Works For Me

Anyways this means that the answer is simple: Netflix Makes terrible TV shows, and movies. Sure, they were good, some would even say excellent at first. Though now it’s just hot, steamy, wastefulness that they pump out on a constant basis.


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