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Last Day On Earth: A Zombie Game That Actually Feels Classic

Are you tired of people overusing zombies in games? Zombies used to be classic, and fun however people over used them, and they morphed into cliches. This game Last Day on Earth made zombies fun, and cool again. In a sense they revived zombies from the dead. It like they just said “Deceased no more!!!” and the zombies raised.

The Revival Of The Dead

Zombies died when people kept overusing, and overworking them. This game doesn’t overwork them though, because zombies aren’t the main point of the game. They’re Essential, sure, but the entire game isn’t about defeating zombies, it’s about surviving them. You see In most games you can win, yet in this game you just survive.

Another small part about how last day on earth revived the dead is how they connect to their audience. Over 1,000,000 people have liked their Facebook page, and they always post consistently. Their twitter could use improvements, but Facebook is the big one for games.


The whole game isn’t like that, but it’s a really fun game. You start out with very little, and you slowly improve gaining more materials, searching for materials, just having fun. You get to kill cool zombies, travel to tons of locations. And much more.


This game is riddled, and constantly gets new locations. Theirs seasonal ones, ones that only appear at certain times, ones you need to unlock, and ones that close after 48 hours. Let’s discuss some of these locations.

  • Bunkers: there’s several bunkers now, and some that are being added. You need to find a key card open them, but then they close 48 hours later. One bunker is only 1 floor, one has several floors. All the bunkers (so far as of now) have lockers inside of them, and a hoard of zombies when you first open the door that comes rushing out at you. The bunkers are really fun if you have the right weapons, but can be deadly.
  • Oak Clearing: some only appear at certain times, but 2 have just been added to be on the map full time. They are your only chance at getting that oak wood, but only if you have the special axe (axe made with metal) and it’s a great spot to get those fox fures that you need for heated clothing, that you’ll end up needing for the colder regions.
  • Watch Tower: to access those colder regions, and the Oak Bushes which are the exact same thing as the Oak Clearing except for active full time.

Constant Updates

One of my favorite things is the fact that they always have new updates. It’s so cool how sometimes as quick as once a week they have a game update. I was so excited when they made it easier to get the chopper, and they made it so that you could actually get the radio tower. That’s another thing. The one part of the game that some would consider confusing, or a down point is the fact that not everything is available. There are certain things you can’t craft, and make yet. As of now as I write this at least on Jan 23rd 2018.


In articles before this I admit I spoke badly of online purchases, that’s because the purchases on Game of War had to be $20, $50, or $100. Very seldom in GOW did $10 help, and $5 was never an option. However this game has $1 options!!! And they actually help. I can tell as I keep playing that Kefir! (The company that produces this game) isn’t out for your money like some other game companies. They seem more like they want to keep their lights on more than they want to rip you off. And again it’s one of those apps where you dont need money to succeed.

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This is a good, simple, easy game. It’s cheap, and it’s fun. You can improve without spending money, though that might be hard as the cheap prices that are so efficient lure you in. The zombies are fun, the locations are fun It’s a cool game I give it a 4.5/5 an 90%


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