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Keeping A Blog Alive P3

If your like me you made your blog yourself. You got online figured out how to do it, and did it. You didn’t pay someone 10K, or even 15K to “professionally design” your website. However that means you probably have some Organizational Issues with your website. Unless you kept it small, something that people forget about doing. So let’s discuss this.

Why Organization Is Important

When your crusining a website you need to be able to find what your looking for, and sometimes blogs are everywhere and hard to navigate. There might be too many categories, or a bunch of useless pages, and menu’s. Organization is for making your blog, or website easier to navigate, so that people find what their looking for, and read some of your articles.


When I first started everything needed a category. I was constantly creating new categories, and soon I was at over 25 categories. It was weird, and must have been confused. I had categories that were useless. However I changed that I downsized to 7 categories. It made my boog easier for my Readers, and me because I was able to decide on 7 things to write about. That’s all. I was no longer a blog that was all over the place, my blog had established a purpose for these 7 different things. This in no way means you can never add a new one though. Right now I have 12 categories, and by the time I reach that 1000 post I expect to have around 20. You may say “that’s a lot of categories” but for a blog with a thousand (or thousands) of posts it isn’t unnecessary.

A main reason to keep categories low as your number of articles published is low is because you want to establish a name for yourself. Stick to a couple things while your small, and as you improve add more. It will build confidence, and help keep your blog alive.


Look a my website. The layout is simple. I have 5 articles, and underneath that a category bar, a couple subscription areas, and a search bar. You can find the category you want to read if you don’t find an article that interests you on the way down. Of course theirs always that older posts button if you wanna press it. My layout is simple, and efficient. How’s yours? Cause my layout may be simple, but it took my a while to come up with it.

When Your done with this article you can also read my post How Animals Are Essential For Life As We Know It, read it by clicking here.

It is very normal for you to want your blog to look like a pro, but that’s not always the case for keeping a blog alive. You just need to be simplistic, and easy.

Social Media

If someone is to google the name for your website what would come up? Hopefully your website. So mine is The H2DI group. When you Google it my Homepage, and about us comes up. Underneath that is our Instagram, facebook, twitter, and youtube.

You see I signed up for all these not because I want to post on them all the time, but because these websites have good SEO. I rarely post on YouTube, and never on Instagram. Though it gives more out when you search for me. It also helps people just passing through these things know about my website. It is important to show up on these searches also, because it may make your website (or blog) appear more professional for someone who searches it. Let them know your out in the world, and your universal. I admit this ones more for traffic than organizations.

Remember to stick around for a P4, and we may keep this going up to P7, 8, 9, or even P10.


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