Write For TheH2DIGroup.com: Gain Experience, Make Some Cash

Hello I’m R.S setter. I write here for theh2digroup.com, and I enjoy what I do. Anyways our website could always use more writers. The main two reasons I can give you to write for us are Experience, and Cash.

When I first started writing I wasn’t good. Now I write a couple of articles here, and there, and I’ve gained writing Experience. I can appeal more to the reader, I don’t come off as *Cough* aggressive.

The money is the main reason I can ask you to write is because we will pay. You can email us at caden738@theh2digroup.com, or click this form. Then contact us with a writing idea, and we will pay you to write. By the way, we will to hire amateur writers, we will just do some slight editing if the article isn’t great. Our requirements are simple too.

  • 300-1000 words

That’s all our requirements. We will accept 90% of all ideas you throw at us. We just won’t accept purposefully stupid ideas, or ones that go against our values, or common morals. Because our requirements are so low, and we aren’t big, our payments aren’t that big either, admittedly. We will pay $2 to $10 per article. Remember though a 300 word article can be written up in as little as 10, or 15 minutes, and we will likely pay you around $3.50 for it, so it’s not a bad or hard way to make some cash. The only form of payment we give is PayPal though.