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New Abortion Law Is Worse Than You Think

Lots of people are talking about this new abortion law in New York that makes it legal for pregnancies to be “Terminated” up until the date of birth. Well what if I told you it’s much worse than that?

The women can have the baby terminated while she is giving birth. This means that the baby is a completely OK, functioning organism about to come out of the womb. And after around 9 months of carrying this precious baby, a women can just immediately have it killed off while giving birth. This means that they are now literally murdering living, breathing babies. It’s wrong, and immoral. This new abortion law in itself is immoral 100%

And it’s probably coming to your State…. soon.

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The reason this new law was passed is because people want women to “have control of their own bodies”. How is giving birth not controlling your own body though? You don’t need an abortion to do that, and honestly you don’t need an abortion in the first place.

A doctor can tell you at a moderately young age whether or not you can carry a fetus or if it’s to dangerous for you. So to prevent any abortions please women go to your doctor, and ask them. If you can’t carry a baby then use protection during sex, or get your tubes tied. I mean getting your tubes tied is a way of taking control of your body isn’t it? Don’t let them tell you to not get your tubes tied.


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