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The Security Of Social Media’s Possible Anonymity

Many people like to stay anonymous, but 90% of those people still do want their word to be heard. Social Media allows you to stay anonymous, and most social media allows you to get your point, and word across. I say most Snapchat is a major social media mogul, but you can’t really get a verbal point out. (Most points made in a visual way aren’t understood)

So with (most) social media you can speak your mind without second thoughts. A lot of people are shy, and simply can’t pull themselves together to say what they want to say in front of family, and friends. And even if you do have second thoughts you can just delete them before you send them, and on social media after you send them.

Another reason people don’t like to speak their mind is because they’re self-conscious. They’re worried that people will disagree, get mad, and call them names. This person simply doesn’t want to get their soul crushed, and with the general starting social media profile cover (many who want to stay anonymous keep) you can’t tell a thing about them.

This is more securing for some, than most know.

So you can stay anonymous, and won’t risk anyone getting mad, and making fun of you. No matter how shy you are you can speak freely.

As I have said throughly articles over time “I am not the biggest fan of social media, but I really enjoy Twitter”. And in the case of wanting to stay anonymous, and talking you mind, or talking your mind in general Twitter is your #1 source. And the “I’m not the biggest fan of social media” part is very much true for me, and many people, but no one can disagree with me-not even myself-when I say that being anonymous on social media is a great way to express yourself.

Expressing yourself on social media can even progress to the point where you no longer need to be anonymous anymore. You may change that profile cover to your actual appearance, and your self-esteem will increase dramatically. The security of social Media’s possible anonymity is great, and can improve your life.

P.S the possible part means: you can choose to not be anonymous. I don’t want you thinking I mean’t that someone’s identity could be found out. But to prevent that possibility be sure to use your email, do not use your phone. They can friend you from you being in their contacts.


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