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A Religious Prediction Of 70 Or So Years From Now: What Will Happen When the Middle East Runs Out Of Oil

It is said that oil will run put in 2052, when this happens what will happen to Islam, and the middle east?

Lots of people in the middle east live lavish lives, that are full of money, and precious things. When the oil runs out how will they pay for their lavish lifestyles? The truth is that the poverty rate rises every year, and that’s why only lots, and not most people live a comfortable lifestyle.

War, and conflict always strike inside the middle east. Terrorist groups, and many other things lead to war, and rebellions inside middle eastern countries.

The persistence of conflict in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen remains one of the main drivers of poverty regionally. In Syria, after five years of civil war it is estimated that 80 percent of the population lives in poverty, and life expectancy has been cut by 20 years.


War is already rampant, and these countries already have a fortune in oil. When that runs out war would get worse, and rebellions would too.

When the middle east runs out of gas, they will lose a fortune, and the rich will grow poorer. Infact: the rich will most likely go bankrupt trying to continue their lifestyles. The governmental leaders are no exception, and once they go bankrupt they will dip into their countries funds. That is if they hadn’t already done that.

A great deal of the already poor will also be affected because they will lose jobs at the oil factories.

When oil runs out the country won’t necessarily go bankrupt at first, it will eventually though, because other main exports are cars, and diamonds. Cars need oil, and gas, and the machines that mine the diamonds need oil, and gas. If the middle east were to lose cars, and diamonds now it wouldn’t hurt them much, but at that point and time it would ruin them.

More poor people would lose jobs at the car factories, and the diamond mines.

I estimate that all this should happen within 5-10 years of the middle east losing oil. So somewhere from 2057-2062.

Then when the government leaders are embezzling, and so many common people workers have lost their jobs, and so many rich people have lost their riches 2 things will happen.

  • Rebellion.
  • Immigration.
  • Religious Downfall.


The people will rebel, and this time because the government cannot pay its military the people will probably win, and take control of the government.

This will not go well, and the country will then be taken under the control of terrorists, gangs, and territories will form. All separated.


Before the rebellion people will leave looking for better lives, after a good deal of the remaining people will leave because of the danger.

Religious Downfall

A majority of people in the middle east are Islamic, and all muslims everywhere in the world are required to take a trip to “Mecca” (the middle east) while they live. Here below is how Islam will fall with “Mecca”.

  • When mecca that they find so “holy” falls many will abandon Islam, as they will realize it’s not holy, and sacred.
  • The danger will turn people against their god allah, and they will curse him.
  • Bankruptcy will turn them against allah.

Etc. Etc. By this point, and time as only Christianity, and Islam are currently raising in percentage when Islam falls most of them will go with the one other religion: Christianity.

Atheism, buddhism, and Hinduism, other religions are decreasing every year.

The Merge

When many muslims merge with Christianity they will bring parts of Islam with them. Remember that the major Christian denominations are Catholicism, and Protestantism. There really is only one major part of Islam: Sunni which is 85%.

85% means that all these people think alike, and most of them will join one religion.

So the big question here is: will they become Catholics, or protestants?

Whatever religion they choose will be greatly altered, because the muslims will try and integrate great amount of what they believe, and all it takes is 1% to be accumulated for a great change.

I’m guessing that 10% of Islam will be brought into one of these religions.

All this will probably happen 10-15 years after.

This is a guest post sent by an anonymous user.

This is not a true prediction, and should not be taken as one. It is merely a guess.


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