How To Accept Defeat

Defeat is something that many people cannot deal with. At all. They convince themselves that they “didn’t actually lose”, and “came out on top in the end”. No, you lost… and if us as a people could only just know how to accept defeat we would all know how it actually benefits us.

How It Benefits Us

Yes defeat benefits us! When you lose at something you can see how you can improve. However most people never accept defeat, and don’t learn from errors. When you get defeated you are given the opportunity to be knocked down a peg, and made more down-to-earth, cause let’s face it: a boss doesn’t want to hire an egotistical prick. But instead you say “they cheated”, “it’s not fair”, well as every parent says life sucks sometimes, deal with it.

If average people accepted defeat then they would know these things. They wouldn’t be egotistical, and they never improve. The worst part about not accepting defeat is when it borrows in your mind, and you constantly think about it. That would never happen though if you just accepted it after it had happened.

How To Accept Defeat

To accept defeat you need to first realize it. Even if you believe someone cheated you, or the game, or whatever just accept that you lost. Don’t try to prove that someone did this, or that, and say that that’s why you lost. Just move on. Get on with life.

It’s not that simple though, and I know that’s not exactly what your looking for, so next read about…

Healthy Revenge

Normal revenge is wanting to get someone back for something they did to you, but “normal revenge” is really just a fancy name for holding a grudge, and wanting to hurt someone back.

Healthy revenge is not holding a grudge, by setting a time limit for the revenge to come into effect. I suggest no longer than five days. Let me simplify: you have 3 days (if you really, really, really want revenge) to give your retaliation to the person who first harmed you in any mental, physical, social, emotional, etc. etc. As long as they harmed you. After those 3 days forget about it, move on. If you could not complete revenge in those 3 days then you probably don’t really care.

Healthy revenge also doesn’t mean physically harming someone. If someone physically harmed you please alert the police.

If healthy revenge doesn’t work, then you can also try a rivalry.


Before we start I would just like to say that a rivalry is not alwaysvl when two people always fight each other, and try to dominate the other. A rivalry is more commonly when two people compete, and accept defeat. If they had never accepted defeat then they would have never continued the rivalry, as they would never know they lost, and would not have seen why they should continue fighting.

Health In Rivals

When you have a rival, then you have someone who is equal, greater, or slightly under you at all times. That is very healthy because you know that there is someone greater, worse, and equal to you in certain areas. You know where you are, which prevents you from getting arrogant, and egotistical. It also provides you with room to grow, and get better. When you lose you can see what your rival did to win.

Then after you see what they’re doing to win you can copy, and improve it. Gaining you a win in life.

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