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10 Cool Facts About Dogs

Listed below are some of the best 10 facts about dogs we could manage to get our hands on, and explain.

10 Wagometer

Have you ever wanted to know your dogs mood? Yes!!! Well Dr Roger Mugford claims that with his device the Wagometer you will be able to tell your dogs mood, by the simple movements of their tail.

9 Max, Jake, Bella, & Lucy

Those four names are the most popular dog names. By gender. Max & Jake for males, Bella, and Lucy for females.

8 Dog Ban

If you live in Iran, and want that cute Australian Shepherd pup, then in most cases your sh*t out of luck. Sorry, but unless your dog is a hunting and (or) guard dog. This means you’ll have to buy a trained dog from another country, and have it shipped over.

7 Cerberus

I’m sure most of you know who this mutt is. According to Greek mythos he’s the 3 headed dog that guards the underworld.

6 Blizzard Of Ozz

One Pommeranian did have to say “Momma I’m coming home” when it was attacked by a coyote, because his owner was the wife of Ozzy Osbourne. Ozzy attacked the coyote, and got his wife’s dog back. Alive!!! Howver their other pomeranian lulu, was killed by the coyotes, and another one named Little Bit was killed by coyotes 6 years later.

5 Bingo!!!

If you’ve ever eaten Cracker Jacks then chances are you’ve seen the little dog on the cover. His name is bingo.

4 Dog Philosophy

Plato, one of the ancient worlds smartest men once said “A dog has the soul of a philosopher” leave what you think that means in the comment section.

3 Chemicals & Your Dog

No, chemicals aren’t in the food, or water. Well, in some cases yes, chemicals can be found in food, and water. But what I’m talking about is urine, more specifically the chemicals in a dogs urine that can literally rot metal.

2 A Real Dog Richer Than Snoop Dog

Gunther IV is a german shepherd who eats caviar, steak, and buys mansions from madonna. He is currently worth somewhere from $350-400 million. He got his money the easy way. His dad was left $80-130 million from a countess, and his money is in trust funds, and investments so that his fortune grows every year. The funny thing is though that this dog, is worth nearly 3 times more than Snoop Dogg, who is worth $135 million as of 2019.

1 Population 700+

There is a man who watches over 700+ dogs who are old, dying, and sick on his “dog farm” For proof click this link

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