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6 Things To Do In The Snow

Right now as I write this the entire United states is covered in a pristine white blanket of snow. And I can tell you that a huge majority of people-especially the youth-are sitting inside playing on phones, tablets, or computers. To get them outside you need to have something great that you can do for fun. Something that pulls them out into the snow. Well Here’s 6 things to do that might just get them out of the house.

1 Build A Fort

No matter how old you get everyone loves to build a fort, and have snowball fights. You can have a foot of snow, or 2 inches because that’s all you really need to build one bada*s fort.

If your kid or friend is imaginative then this option is even better, because they can be the king of the Castle, or emperor of a snow city. Yes, forts (even blanket ones) are something that can always be fun.

2 Animals

You don’t even need a pet to do this one. You can go outside, and try to find animal tracks, and look for a fox, or rabbit. It can be very time consuming, fun, and even educational. You can google what tracks look like what, and have a great time.

If you do have a pet however, preferably a dog (because cats, hamsters, and chinchillas probably hate the snow) and play with them. I’m the owner of a very lazy dog, but in the snow he becomes happy, and playful. He runs off the couch, and digs himself into the snow.

3 Mountains

Warning: Only do this if you can drive in the snow very well. And if you can you should go up in the snow where the snow Is likely deeper. In the mountains there may be a ski resort where you can pick up that old snowboard, or ski’s and fly again.

Or if your not into skiing then you can hike the mountains, but beware the slopes (they may be slippery).

If the snow is much deeper you can build an even bigger, higher, better fort. And have some cool snowball fights too.

4 Photography

Lots of people think that their Photographers, but there aren’t that many true photographers anymore. Wouldn’t it be cool if you were a real photographer? Well you can improve your skills by going outside, and taking some pictures.

Who knows you may become social media famous, and make a small fortune with your photos. Then when the snow goes away improve your spring, summer, etc. Photography skills.

5 Just Drive

You need to be good at driving in the snow to do this, but it is fun. If you don’t have mountains to drive to then go to a park, or just turn on some good music, and cruise.

Enjoy yourself, and look at your city, or town under the snow.

Remember to turn on 4 wheel drive!

6 Sledding

Less people sled every year… it seems like that at least. It doesn’t take much effort just find a slope climb it, and sled down. Also Make sure that there aren’t any trees you can hit at the bottom. Then when your done with that hill find a better one.

Snow is not year round for most of us. It is something that is somewhat rare for many of us. You need to enjoy it while you can.


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