How Social Media Ruined Kids Perception Of The Real World

Have you ever gone on Twitter, and seen someone with a million followers posting pictures of themselves on a boat, or with a brand-new expensive car? Or anything like that on Instagram, Facebook, snapchat, et cetera.

Well most of us know that that’s not how life really is. It isn’t glamour, and fortune unless you worked for it, or inherited it. Kids however have more of an imagination then ever, and while that’s a good thing in some cases it also makes their perception of life seem brighter, and easier than it actually is.

And them believing how life is all sunshine, and rainbows because it’s so easy they don’t know how to deal with the real world. Now I can’t blame all of this on social media, but I can assure you lots of it is from social media!

How do you believe a kid will react when they see another kid on social media who is spoiled, and rich? They will get jealous, sad, inadequate, and quite possibly angry.

How do you think a rich kid will react to thousands or millions of people telling them that they’re “great”, and “awesome” on social media? They will become egotistical, rude, and believe that their better than everyone else.

When a child thinks that they aren’t as good as another kid just because they aren’t rich, or they don’t dress “cool” their confidence recedes. When another child think that they are better than other people they become arrogant jerks.

So that’s how social media ruined kids perception of the real world. Some think that they won’t succeed because they don’t believe they are as good as others. Some become full of themselves, and think that they can never fail, hence making them make bad decisions.