1,400 Word Essay On Presidents Day

It is no secret that I’m a fan of our current president Donald Trump. I enjoy Presidents, and all politics in general. Hey I’m not even 20 yet maybe I’ll be a senator some day. It’s not like being President, but it’s a start.

I enjoy Presidents day for the same reason most young people do. No school. But my enjoyment isn’t as one-sided, I enjoy the free day I have to write articles like this.

My respect goes far past Trump, all the way back to my Grandmothers favorite President Harry Truman. My grandmother loves to tell stories of her past, and it is not uncommon in the slightest for her to tell me about how much she respects Harry Truman, and all the smart things that he’s done. (Example: NATO)

She makes it sound like he should be the fifth head on mount Rushmore, and like he is so smart Einstein gets jealous.

Trump is my favorite President however because he’s the President I’ll remember. Trump is the President that I’m growing up with, and my growing up is going amazing so far. Nothing has gone wrong, we haven’t gone to war, and America still stands. So what’s really bad about Trump?

Honestly there is nothing bad about Trump. He’s just not what the media wants, and he is made to look horrible because of it. No secret that the media wants liberalism, and the media has made it so that a great deal of the people want liberalism.

Great deal is the correct answer, because if the majority of people wanted liberalism, and Hillary then we would have Hillary in office. You can say that the election was rigged, and you can say that the Russians did it, and that Trump is horrible. But what proof do you have?

They haven’t found any evidence to impeach Trump, and it’s the CIA. If Trump did anything bad then they would know. Little do many people know Trump doesn’t really control the CIA, they are basically their own little country that works for us, and doesn’t always listen, but the job gets done, and it gets done good.

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I personally dont want to spend the entire 3,000+ words discussing politics however, I want to discuss Presidents… and a little bit of politics.

George Washington

Father of our nation. He helped us defeat the British, and get out from their control. We were made free men, and all of what America is today is because of what he did in the first place. He was one of the worlds best generals, right next to Alexander the Great himself. Except for the Empire that Washington helped create will last much longer than Alexanders.

Teddy Roosevelt

He was the man that defined what it is to be a man. He is the reason that we have national forests, and parks today. He kept a bunch of pets. Real good guy.

Andrew Jackson

I say with the most respect you can say it, but this guy was f*cking crazy. He once beat a man who tried to assassinate him with his walking cane, and he would challenge people do duels. Need I remind you this is back in the time when a gunshot was much, much more deadly? They knew only a fraction, of a fraction, of what we know today. A shot in the elbow could kill you.

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Abraham Lincoln

He freed the slaves, and best the confederacy. He was a kind well spoken man, and he had respect for his wife.

Presidents Day

Presidents day is to honor all of these great men. From Washington to Trump, and so forth until we no longer have Presidents. I hope America always does have Presidents, and we always stay America, but it seems as though every nation ends. One way or another America will end.

These Presidents are a huge part of the reason why America is still America, and not New Russia. Because don’t forget we once were at war with Russia, and if our President had not of ended the war who knows what would of happened.

We can thank our President for every good law, and we can hate him for every bad law. Because this is America, and our Presidents gave us the choice to hate who we hate.

We can thank God, and our Presidents for so much in this world, and so can other countries. If we had not helped defeat Germany than many countries in Europe right now would be under Nazi control. People would be getting executed left, and right.

We have rights better than most people in this world. The year is 2019, and by now everyone should have freewill, and freedom of speech. The death penalty should still be enforced, but not over forced like how they will give you the death penalty for the color of your skin in some countries.

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Yes. Us here in America, and billions of other people in the world can (and should) thank God, and our Presidents for all the good things that they have done for this world.

The Honor

Right now most people in this country don’t care about honor. That doesn’t mean that being President is less of an honor than it was when America was young, but it does mean that people don’t appreciate the honor our President has.

We should show him the highest honor possible, not what people show him now.

You can thank God, and our Presidents that you can Protest. This doesnt mean that you should greatly abuse the right to protest. You can, but should not protest everyone, and everything you do not enjoy about this country.

A great example of people not showing our President the respect, and honor he deserves is also a great example of people abusing the right to protest. Why do people like to protest him? Well I would like to think that its because they have actual fear, and want a change. That is not the truth though. They protest because they enjoy it.

They enjoy the attention, and that when they protest they are practically part of a gang. It’s kind of like the “Purge”. Its a time for all these people to release anger, and throw it (wrongly) at our President. The “Purge” is only once a year though. This-what the liberals are doing… is once a month (it seems like).

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When we abuse our rights we abuse this country. This is a point-and-time when our country is wearing long-sleeved shirts, and dark sunglasses. If you dont catch my drift then just know that I’m saying America is getting beaten up. We do try to hide it though. Our Presidents try to hide Americas weaknesses.

If we show weakness as a country, and as a people then other countries will attack. When people protest then they are showing how weak oir people are, hence we are a weak country. We aren’t weak, but we are giving of the appeal of a weak country.

And lots of country’s want what we have, and when they see that we are weak( Even though we aren’t) they are sure to try, and conquer.

So how long until we go to war? Hopefully never, unless we have to be the country doing the saving.


Our Presidents created the laws that lock up dangerous criminals, and they set up the system that locks them up. This keeps you, your kids, and everyone else that you know, and love safe.

If these criminals weren’t locked up then you could have a serial killer as a neighbor. Maybe you are the serial killer neighbor. Either way the serial killer needs to be locked up.

What determined what was a crime? Oir Presidents. They could have believed that murder wasn’t a crime, and if they did then lots of people today would be murders. And they would be Scot-free drivin’ on the roads, continuing their killing spree.

You see what our Presidents, and God do for us? If it weren’t for them then this country, and maybe this entire world would be just like, but probably worse than the “Purge”.

Presidents Day

So that’s why we have Presidents day. To honor these great people for all the good things we have done. I say we should have a “God” day to. We owe him more than the Presidents don’t we? Yes, we do.

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