Social Media: Not A Place For Your Drama

Am I the only one that is getting annoyed when people post their personal drama, and passive-aggressive things on social media?

I use Facebook to see old friends, too get reconnected. Not to read a post about how “some people are just controlling and hate their lives”. If you have a problem with someone tell them yourself. Don’t post passive-aggressively on Facebook… its childish, and stupid.

When I go on Twitter I want to hear real opinions. That’s the place where I want to read what people really want to say about this world, and how they feel. Posting about how your bestfriend is a b*tch doesn’t fall in. that. category. That’s not a worldly opinion, its private. Keep it to yourself.

Social Media is about Pictures, good times, and sharing an opinion on stuff. As I said your feuds aren’t opinions. I want to see your vacation pictures, and your family. Not a meme about how other people are just arrogant, and are jealous of you. And guess what. They aren’t actually jealous.


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