An Explanation Of Bollywood

This is an article that can be kept short. For the simple reason that Bollywood is simple.

Bollywood is India’s version of Americas Hollywood. It is where the most famous Indian movies are filmed. Hence Bollywood is focused on themes from Indian culture. Mainly Romance.

Hollywood’s most famous actor is Shah Rukh Khan, who is also the worlds richest actor with a net worth of $600 Million USD.

His net worth may be big, but Bollywood only makes a fraction of the money that Hollywood makes. Infact Bollywoods highest grossing movie made $340 Million USD, as Hollywood has had over 40 films gross over $1 Billion USD.

Some say that Bollywood is a rip-off of Hollywood, as the name Bollywood is a mixture of the cinema company “Bombay”, and the word “Hollywood”. However Bollywood does have it’s own sort of feel that’s different than Hollywood. Their movies tend to be more dramatic.