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As many of you reading this have done, I too have went to google and searched “how to get more views for my blog”, everyone that isn’t spending a grand, or two a day on ads searches that phrase. (That may be how you got to reading this post) Anyways as I have said in other parts of the “Keeping a blog alive” series: views = the want to continue blogging, and I want to help you keep your blog alive. Hence the title.

How Many Words?

I ran an experiment here on this blog. I wrote 2 articles. One is over 1,500 words, one is 500 words. The 500 word one brought me the usual traffic, as that’s how long my average article is. The 1,500 word one though, oh that article brought me %50 more traffic than the average post, plus its recurring traffic is better then most of all my other articles.

Now this is somewhat controversial. Many bigger sites say to keep your articles short because people are more likely to read them. The truth is: the more words you have the more views you will get.

This doesn’t mean you need to fill your site with 1,500 word articles however. I suggest that every one in three articles you write is above 1,000 words. Because you will want to have some posts that are short in words. You will want this because there is some slight truth to what they say about articles shorter in words. The truth about them is: people are more likely to understand your point, and will probably not lose interest.

You may believe that a longer more descriptive article is better at getting a point across, but halfway through people have already lost a great deal of interest. You can get a better point across when it’s a short article.

The main reason for an article that is above 1,000 words is the ads. You will want to make a profit, and it is harder to make a profit off ads when all your articles are short. Also there is another reason to long articles: SEO.

Longer articles receive better site optimization, that’s part of the reason they receive more views. Good articles, with great SEO will improve your sites SEO all together. Increasing views, likes, comments, etc. To all pages, and posts on your site.

So when you are receiving a good amount of views, and you are turning a slight profit (because I cant guarantee that it will be major) you will be more motivated to keeping your blog active, and alive.


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