The TV Emptiness Syndrome: Yes it’s a real thing…

Would you ever believe that when a TV show ends people feel what can be described as “empty”? Well it’s a real thing, and let me explain why this happens to some people for you.

Explanation 1

When a person starts watching a television show on a regular basis a habit develops. It’s not necessarily a bad one either. Eventually those characters, and people on the screen develop into a normal part of that persons life.

Once a habit is developed we all know how hard they are to break. Well this TV show that this person was watching on a weekly basis was a habit that was taken from them. They didn’t give up on it, it gave up on them.

So with this habit gone they have an empty hole in their life where something they enjoyed used to live. Now they feel empty as they try to refill it.

Explanation 2

So in this explanation the beginning is the same. You begin a habit, and the Characters become normal people you see every week that your accustomed too.

But this time the emptiness isn’t really caused by the show going away, or the habit. Its caused because the person knew the characters like friends, and they would never see that same character ever again. It’s just done. That’s it. They’re there now, and now they aren’t.

This gap is caused by a character being taken from your life. Much like death takes someone from your life, except for the character from your cancelled TV show probably didn’t die. The show may have killed them though last second.

The Cure

If you suffer from this then simply find out what you miss. The show, and the habit of watching it at certain times, or the character. Then find a new show, and catch its newest episodes every week. If you miss a character then just go online, google what other TV show characters are similar. Then watch them.

Ending Statement

Is it really crazy that people get this attached to television shows, and Characters, and that they form habits? Well the answer to that question depends on who you are, and how much you watch TV.


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