America’s Shock Collar Part 1: How It’s Keeping Us Confined

I doubt I’m the first person to say “America basically has a shock collar on”. But that “collar” has a double meaning, and I’m bringing you a 2-part series, one article for each meaning.

How It Keeps Us Confined

This collar that America wears is much like a perimeter collar. If you cross a certain line, or area you get shocked. Or in the literal sense you could get beat up, slandered, etc.

Either way when we cross those boundaries set for us we get punished. Those boundaries go by many names some good like: laws, and equality. Some worse like: Social Standards.

Social Standards

Social standards are certain things that are found acceptable by the majority of the public. When you do not fall into social standards, or you do something that does not fall into the social standards you can get looked down upon, or even harrassed.

People take social standards very seriously. Some social standards are good such as: Morality, decency, and modesty. Then there are the bad things that are considered socially acceptable like: conservative point-of-view, or simply not liking a certain celebrity or politician.

How It Confines Us

So when you are going to get looked down upon, or harassed for doing something in public you don’t do it. Which leads to people hiding their opinions because they aren’t “socially acceptable”.

When you are never allowed to speak you just stop getting the urge to speak. Your confidence shrivels, and shrinks. Make no mistake in public, or a social area freedom of speach means nothing.


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