Americas Shock Collar Part 2: How It Keeps Us In Place

You heard me talk about in Part 1 about how it confines us, and bounds us. But I also said that it’s double-sided. With the bad there is a good.

If America didn’t have this “Shock Collar” then how would we know out boundaries? So (literally speaking) if we didn’t have this shock collar then how would we know when we’ve crossed the line?

There are certain actions that you can’t do, and certain words that you can’t use, and we can all thank that shock collar.

It keeps us from using these words, and committing these actions by giving us a little shock, or as we call it: getting hit with a truck by the media.

So without this shock collar America would be nothing but immoral, rude, assholes. And so would a huge majority of the the world.


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