The Daily Paragraph

Month: February 2019

An Explanation Of Bollywood

This is an article that can be kept short. For the simple reason that Bollywood is simple. Bollywood is India’s version of Americas Hollywood. It is where the most famous Indian movies are filmed. Hence Bollywood is focused on themes from Indian culture. Mainly Romance. Hollywood’s most famous actor is Shah Rukh Khan, who is […]

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The Blogging Dream & How To Achieve It

The blogging dream is something that all bloggers… well… dream about. The blogging dream is the dream, and hope that someday your blog can produce enough money for you to live off it, and make it your part-time job, and only job. It’s the dream that your bpog gets successful enough for you to live […]

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Why You Should NOT Play “Tap Tap Trillionaire”

Tap Tap Trillionaire is an android game with over one million downloads. Though just because a game has lots of downloads doesn’t mean that its neccesarily a good game. So the game is basically that your a stock trader. You own an office at first, and you hire Traders to trade stocks for you. They […]

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Social Media: Not A Place For Your Drama

Am I the only one that is getting annoyed when people post their personal drama, and passive-aggressive things on social media? I use Facebook to see old friends, too get reconnected. Not to read a post about how “some people are just controlling and hate their lives”. If you have a problem with someone tell […]

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Who Do You Think Has The Best Chances To Win The USA 2020 Presidential Race

So far there are several people who have put their foot in the pool of the 2020 Presidential Election campaign. Who do you think will win? Of course there are more opponents that are running, but these are the only two that are running that are receiving media attention.

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