The Daily Paragraph

Month: February 2019

A Religious Prediction Of 70 Or So Years From Now: What Will Happen When the Middle East Runs Out Of Oil

It is said that oil will run put in 2052, when this happens what will happen to Islam, and the middle east? Lots of people in the middle east live lavish lives, that are full of money, and precious things. When the oil runs out how will they pay for their lavish lifestyles? The truth […]

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The Security Of Social Media’s Possible Anonymity

Many people like to stay anonymous, but 90% of those people still do want their word to be heard. Social Media allows you to stay anonymous, and most social media allows you to get your point, and word across. I say most Snapchat is a major social media mogul, but you can’t really get a […]

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How To Make A Dog Smarter And More Loyal

Everyone that owns a dog wants a loyal smart one-oh let’s be honest!!! Most people want a dog they can brag about. So, let’s discuss how you can train that loyal dog, but first let’s dig into your Expectations, and then how to make a dog smarter, and more loyal. What Are Your Reasons? What […]

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