Month: March 2019

Internet Poll: Do You Believe Love Is Temporary, Or Forever

Everybody believes in a soulmate, and that possibility of a fairy tale type romance… or so we’re told. In this day, and age “Love” no longer means living together, saving sex for marriage, having a perfect white wedding, and staying together until your both dead for most people. Some of the worlds population–predominantly younger people–believe […]

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Stardew Valley Android Version: One Of The Best Games I’ve Ever Played

There are those games you install then delete. There are games that you play only because your bored, and there are games you enjoy. Stardew Valley is one of those rare games that you never grow tired of. It’s the type of game that helps get you through the day, just because you know that […]

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5 Ways To Deal With A Bi-Polar And/Or Depressed Person

Bi-polar disorder, and depression are very common, and hard diseases to handle. They are hard for the sufferer, and they are hard for the person who has to handle them. Many people don’t realize it, but sometimes you shouldn’t just feel sorry for the victim, but also for the ones who have to handle the […]

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DanTDM Has Been Going Down Hill, Here’s Why

DanTDM has over 14.3 billion YouTube views, so if you haven’t heard of him I can guarantee you know someone who does. Just go ahead, and find out who you know that knows DanTDM, and we can all tell you that DanTDM has been going down hill, and here’s why. Minecraft DanTDM built his early […]

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The Doors Are About To Open

Recently I Caden738 of have made some major improvements to the site. We are raising our revenue, and are hoping that by the year 2021 (2 years away) we can be making enough money to have a video professionally made for each of our posts. Our post count has risen from 1 per day, […]

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