Jay Inslee: He F*cked Up Seattle, And May Be In A Presidency Near YOU!!!

Isnt this just F*cking amazing news!!! Cause you know that Jay Inslee– The spectacular–Governor of Washington State is now running for President! I am just so damn excited right now! Aren’t You!?! What! You have common sense!?! Your not excited for Jay Inslee!?! The Jay Inslee!?!

You Sense the Sarcasm, Right?

So this is my time to talk crap about Jay Inslee. Yes! The Jay Inslee. (Shown Down Below)

Did I say “Jay Inslee”? I meant his inspiration!

Seriously Though

Jay Inslee hasn’t helped Washington state, and most notoriously he hasn’t helped Seattle. Crime is as high as ever, and there’s more heroin in Seattle now then their ever was. There wasn’t even this much Heroin in the time of Kurt Cobain, and Nirvana.

If in the time this man was in office Seattle, Kent, Auburn, and many other cities have been destroyed, and robbed of their once greatness. Washington is like a short-lived Roman Empire that is now ruins, and resides in the United States.

He Can’t Be President

If Jay Inslee was President then the United States could get even worse than it already is.

Did you know that Jay Inslee won’t win??? He doesn’t stand a chance–i know he doesn’t–he just doesn’t. But then caden738 why did you write this article? Because I just wanted to let you know of the horror us Washingtonians Call “Jay Inslee”. The freaking greatest Governor ever.


That’s Sarcasm…


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