Parents: 3 Ways Your Killing Your Kids Self-esteem

Many parents want their kids to be the best, and know it. A kid needs self-esteem to be hardworking, and successful don’t they? Even if they are just going to inherit a company, or money they’ll just have it scammed from them if they don’t have self-esteem. Well Here’s 3 ways most of you are actually destroying their self-esteem.

1. Yelling

If your mad at your kid then just sit down and talk to them. You can get out everything you want to say, and even more because when you yell the kid may run away. Also do you honestly think a kid listens when you yell? All they heard was mean words, aka confidence killers.

All you need to do is sit down, and scold them. It’s much more effective in the way that they listen better to kinder sounding words, and they won’t lose any confidence.

2. Not Allowing Trying

When a kid wants to try something like skateboarding, or the basketball team then let them try. Unless you think that they can get really badly hurt then let them experiment with stuff.

Encourage them trying new stuff, and maybe write out a calendar of 1 new thing to try every week. Maybe one week you try a new type of food, maybe the next you try a weird science experiment. It’s all productive.

I haven’t gotten to this though yet: what happens when you don’t let them try? They don’t believe they can do it is the short-answer. And that is literally the opposite of confidence, not believing in yourself is the opposite of confidence.

So unless its dangerous then let them try, and if they hate it let them quit so that they can move onto the next thing to try. Remember: it can be educational, and if it isn’t then make it.

3. Denying Time

Even a 14 year old wants to spend some time with their parents. Really up until the time when they are out of your house you should be spending lots of time with them.

Denying a child the right to play with their parents no matter how old is a self-esteem destroyer. When you aren’t tired, but you just want to relax then invite your kid to simply watch a movie, or TV.

When a child doesn’t get enough attention then they lose self-esteem because they may have been beaten-down by the fact that you wouldn’t spend time with them…


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