The WordPress “Like” System or “Poll” System Is Broken

If someone on WordPress likes your post, wouldn’t you believe that they actually liked, and enjoyed it? Sorry, but that’s not the case. Allow me to explain.

Whenever I write an article about blogging, or writing it gets a lot of likes, I thought that was just because those were hot topics people enjoyed. I ran a poll titled “Internet Poll: What Are You Most Interested In Reading About”. That poll received 8 likes (So far) yet it also received 0 votes.

What This Means

This means that some people could just be skimming around the WordPress Reader, and just randomly liking people. Why? Because if you like someone then WordPress automatically sends them an email that goes like this…..

Anonymous just liked your post “ABC” maybe you would like something they have to say?

This is free email Marketing. Imagine it, every time your press a like button someone gets an email. Of course larger websites most likely have that turned off, so these “likers”–as I will call them–prey on the small time bloggers, and writers.

What It Could Also Mean

This is truly what I hope is happening. The poll is run by PollDaddy, which I am guessing is either wordpress owned or a wordpress affiliate (of some sort). What I’m hoping is that the poll is simply broken, but here’s the problem with that: I’m allowed a vote on my own poll. It appears to have gone through, and worked. Another problem? Plus I once advertised an ad advertising a poll for my site It received 43 votes, so I’m guessing the poll system isn’t broken

I know its not what I hoped for, but Polldaddy appears to be 100% operational. The wordpress “like button system” or whatever they want to call it is what appears to be flawed.

WordPress is the company that has 500 workers, and manages a great deal of the internet. I hope they may find a way to fix this, but I can think of some ways to fix it for you.

More Proof About “Likes”

So I want to give you even more proof about how people are randomly liking things.

On my website I published four posts. It was not rare for me to get 4 notifications from one person liking all four of them at once. How could you have read them? You liked them all within two minutes? That’s proof he just wanted to hit that like button…but not read.

Another reason why people do this isnt just because of the email, but if you get a like wordpress sends you an app notification telling you who liked your post. There is a chance that they can get views brought to their website because of you clicking who they are.

Does this mean you shouldn’t trust any likes? No. There are some people who may become fans, and consistently like your posts. A “liker” only likes them for you attention, these fans do it because they enjoy your content. Believe me a “liker” wouldn’t keep up the act for so long. At least not long enough to become a fan.

Followers too. On Twitter, and other social media platforms one of the best ways to get followers is to follow someone else, they follow you back, then people follow you, and you follow back. AKA #followback. People do this on wordpress to, they’ll follow you, and hope you just blindly follow back. The problem with this is that they will stop following you if you don’t follow back, or once you follow back they’ll stop following you. It’s a game, it’s not worth what more followers you can/could get. Dont follow someone unless you like what they have to say.

My tips on what wordpress can do to fix this are as follows: Hide the like button in a post. Maybe after the first paragraph sometimes, while other times after the fifth. Its a better chance they had to read to get their. Though this isn’t ideal for photo-blogs, and blogs that post quotes, etc. The problem is: That’s how any answer is going to be. “Well it can help this, but it won’t help this”. There’s no perfect fix, so we may just have to deal with people liking our posts for just the reason to get attention.

There is one thing you can do!!!

Disable likes on your site

Well that would sire get rid of the problem, and you could judge if people like you by views. Also…

Disable the wordpress follow button

Follow-backers won’t go through the process of having to enter an email to follow you. They want to click, and be done with it. Just delete any follow button, and put in an email subscriber form.


No system is perfect, they all have flaws. WordPress may, or may not find away to fix this, but honestly just accept the likes, and ignore them. If the name of someone who likes your post interests you then visit their site, if not then just don’t care. That’s all.

Thank You WordPress. For an Awesome site builder, and a nearly perfect system.


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