2 Reasons Why Being Up-and-coming Isn’t Easy

Actors. Painters. Writers. Plus at the very least one hundred other Professions have Up-and-Comers. It isn’t always easy to be an Up-and-Comer.

1. Promise Of Making It

If your an up-and-comer then you’ve been given the promise of making it. In some cases “making it” can mean fame, it can mean fortune, it can mean both.

Basically if someone said to you “In a couple months, years, or weeks you will win the lottery” what would your reaction be? Because to an up-and-comer “making it” is like winning the lottery, and you don’t know when it will happen. It could be weeks, it could be years…

Wouldn’t that drive you crazy? Knowing that you will make it, and everyone (or at least millions) will know your name, and face? But you don’t know how long until you will make it, and it could be decades?

2. Phonies

Are you really an up-and-comer? No, yes, maybe so? The thing about being an up-and-comer is that to be one someone who is important, or well-off from your field needs to tell you so. I’m not saying that if your a painter you need Thomas Kinkade to say “Hey your an up-and-comer!”, but you should at least have an art critic, or someone else who makes a living of off painting tell you that your an “up-and-comer”. Not necessarily in those words, but in some roundabout way that’s what they should mean. However there is always a different route you can take…

So are you really an Up-and-comer? I’m not. Another way to tell if you an up-and-comer is by others telling you so. If you want to be a pro musician someday, but you don’t know if you an up-and-comer than post a song on YouTube, spotify, or even Twitter. (To be safe maybe all three)

Then go to the comments, and see what people are saying. Don’t take all the good, or bad(!) to heart, but do consider what they are saying. If you see that 20% of the comments are good, then I would call you an up-and-comer. Why?

Because all you need is 20% of people to think that your good, great, or amazing. The other 80% would be really nice to have, but that other 20% is enough to pay the Bills, fill stadium’s, etc. Remember that 20% of America is still 65.14 million people.(You know 10% is probably enough to make you rich, and famous, but let’s do 20% to be sure.)


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