Bill Nye Isn’t Really That Smart

Bill Nye “The Science Guy”. Well his name says “Science”!?! How could he not be a f*cking science genius? Well my nickname (that I gave myself) is “12 Inch”, and while I want that to be true does that make it true? I really wish I could say yes, but I’ve got a point to prove.

My point can be easily proven by this Haiku.

Bill Nye not really smart

His “science” is off the f*cking Charts

F*ck you Bill Nye


Ok, ok, Honestly I don’t know how to write Haiku’s but that-that… that whatever the hell that… poem(?) Was Proves my damn point.

Ok, Now Let’s Get Serious

Bill Nye is a man who thinks that a damn hornet is more powerful than God

Bill Nye can’t even get half of his science correct. Don’t want to click that link? Hey, that’s better for me, anyways. Let me sum it up for you: Bill Nye’s understanding of science is so wrong that he loses many a debate. He is a comedian more than an actual scientist. He hangs with his celebs more than he studies science, and thinks that if Jews got to know anti-semitic people better than they would get along. Thank you

Wow! What a serious “scientist”


I see why Bill Nye pretends he’s a scientist, and how he got away with pretending to be one.


  • $6.5 Million net worth

Do we need any other reasons?


Bill Nye only wrote 22 episodes of his famous show “Bill Nye, The Science Guy”. Some other writers–that you probably don’t know!–wrote the rest! Now you may say “That seems like a lot” but remember how basic the science was that he taught. It all came straight out of a 7th grade textbook, and he still only wrote 22 episodes. Well “Write” is a funny thing actually. Like many others he most likely got extreme help writing the episode, but since he did “the most” work got credit for it. He could have only written 60% of those episodes, stole the rest from a school textbook, and ended up with $6.5 million in the end.

“But he’s got so many achievements!”

Ha-Ha, Ha… no… he doesn’t.

I could buy a teenager some basic lab equipment. I would only need to shell out a couple hundred bucks, but in the end… If that kid ever discovers something…! Well I could claim that I was an investor in a “Great scientific achievement”.

“But [Caden738] what this teen found in no way whatso-ever benefits the field of science.”

“F*ck you. I say it does, and it does…”

And That’s Science Kids!!!

All I have to do is invest a small sum of money into a scientific experiment, and if they find something then suddenly I’m an investor.

All I have to do is give a little bit of advice to a scientist, and if by some chance they use it then I can claim that I helped discover whatever they discovered.

You can do 99% of the work, and all I have to do is a very, very little bit, or invest a little bit of money, and BAM I’m a scientist, or an investor. Either way I can come up with a way to take more money from the discovery than I deserve.

Kids… that’s not “Science!”… That’s what we call “The World”

Yeah, its messed up.

I would never actually do that, out of morals

But that’s the world. We don’t actually know what Bill Nye did on any so-called “Achievement”, and chances are it wasn’t much. At least those are the chances when you find out how little he actually knows about science. Which again you find out by him losing debates, and spewing outrages B.S

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