The Truth About The USA’s “Unfairness”

Let me set one fact straight: We live on earth. Earth: the planet where people are wrongly convicted. Earth: The planet where starvation is rampant. Earth: The unfair planet.

What about the USA though? We don’t have millions of people starving to death, nor do we have as many people who are wrongly convicted as do countries like: South Africa, and Saudi Arabia where you can get a hand cut off, just because you aren’t the wanted religion, and/or share the same beliefs.

The USA is not unfair for the reasons many claim. Some say it’s unfair because we “treat whites better”. Well do we? Gays, people of color, and women are actually pursued by companies, so that the company can say they have a gay, a women, or someone of color in a high position. That is unfair. Want to know what else is unfair? It’s unfair how the US is so advanced compared to other Countries.

Does the Left want to help Africa, parts of Asia, and so on? They say “Yes”, but when was the last time you saw a liberal talking about that? They don’t want to protect other countries, but Trump is trying to make situations better in North Korea, which is perhaps one of the worlds worst countries.

The world is unfair. That’s just how it is, and people should not be complaining right now. If you ever feel like complaining just remember that right now, and right as you read this, whenever your doing anything ever someone is dying because the world was unfair to them. They likely aren’t dying because “Gays are treated badly”, or because “Borders should be open”, they probably have a messed up third-world disease. And because the world isn’t fair you can never get that disease, because you don’t live in a third-world country.


The world isn’t fair, but the USA is very fair. Infact it’s unfair how advanced, and how much of an advantage the USA has. This is something that every American should be proud of, we should be happy about how good we live. Remember though we aren’t lucky, this wasn’t “luck” this was because of God.

Thank God For Everything.