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Wasn’t Hillary Clinton Already President?

So today I was watching the news–well actually I was listening as my Grandmother watched the news–and I heard someone mention the 2016 election. That got me thinkin’. Now I’m not a fan of Hillary Clinton, but I will admit she is a women who is stronger, and more confident then most.

And do you seriously think that a women like that would allow her husband to run the country without her “help”. She isn’t the kind of person that would just have allowed Bill to be the President, without her butting into the situation.

Infact I would go as far as to say that maybe Hillary Clinton was more involved during Bill’s presidency then him! You know, cause he spent the whole time catching various STD’s, and bangin’ Monica.

While he was leaving a stain on a dress Hillary was probably deciding what bill he was going to sign, and what his next presidential move would be. She perhaps was so, so power hungry that she could have planted Monica where Bill would see her. Then while he was busy she ruled the country. And he never knew that she played him.

She’s a politician. Even the good ones are never honest, and consistently deceitful.

I think I’ve proven my point: Bill was weak, and having affairs. (He may [Just May] have been weak from all the affairs) So while he was gone Hillary was the true President, playing Bill like she was his puppeteer.

Let’s Have A Look, Shall We

Yes, let’s look at the achievements from Hillary’s reign as the very first female President of America.

  • Oh, Wait… those aren’t true…

If your a feminist, or liberal your probably embracing the fact that Hillary was the true mastermind from 1993 To 2001. The low crime-rate, the amazing economy. Oh, but wait a second. Let me freaking crush you.

  • The gasoline tax that had a huge, and bad impact on the middle class.
  • There is evidence that Clinton’s police’s caused the 2007 Financial crisis. You know? The one where people lost houses, jobs, and the economy–well now this is up for debate. Some say the economy “almost” collapsed, some say it did. Whatever the case my Intel tells me that’s not good either way.

Do I even need more points? They say he created millions of jobs, but what Hillary–and Maaaybe Bill–did during… I guess their Presidency causes 8.7 million people to lose jobs, the great recession, and 3.1 million people went into foreclosure.

Nice Job Hillary.

I know that legally she wasn’t President, but if she does happen to run in 2020, then again in 2024 then that would make her one of our longest running Presidents.

What’s Your Point?

My Point Is: Hillary already had a chance, and quite honestly f*cked up royally. If she does happen to run in 2020 then do me a favor: Vote Trump.

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