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Why Facebook Venters Are The Worst

Do know what “Venting” is. Basically its talking crap about people who annoy you. It helps you “Vent Out” your anger. Honestly venting is a really good way for me, and tons of members of my family (By “tons” I mean everyone from the 9 year old to the 97 year old) to relieve stress. Venting is something that should either be done anonymously on an online chatroom, in private, or a blog.

Specifically My blog. Hey, This is private enough for me. None of you know my name, and none of my family knows that I write. Click Here, and listen to me vent about 5 people I hate, and why I hate them.

The worst type of venters though are the ones that go on Facebook, and take their anger out in a post, or in the comment section.

Facebook User 1: Oh how cute? Look at that puppy.

Facebook User 2 *Replying to 1*: I know, right?

Facebook User 3 *Replaying to 1&2*: That’s one ugly mut. Almost reminds me of the one my wh*re ex-wife took in the damn divorce.

See how that sh*t escalates? That went from puppies to “My wh*re ex-wife”.

Facebook venters just want attention, and they’ll try to get it in the most unrelated situations if they have too. Believe me, they can work a complaint about anything from “wh*re ex-wife”, to “da*mn dog that p!ssed on my rug” into any situation.

Facebook user 4: Dude, I’m so sorry to hear about your mom…🙁🙁🙁

Facebook User 5*Replying To 4*: Its. ok, she went to a better place… 😥

Facebook User 6 *Replying to 4&5*: Yeah, like I’ll send my dog to a better place of he wets himself on my d*mn floor again.

Can you see how annoying, rude, and disrespectful this is? Sure, I made up the situation, and conversation. But we all know that there seriously are people like that in the world, and 112% of them are on Facebook. Facebook literally has 100% of the worlds a**holes using it, and then it created an additional 12% of the a**holes we know today.

What About The Embarrassment, and Danger?

Allow me to remind you that Facebook is a platform where your face, real name, location, and even possibly your job is posted for everyone to see.

  • A: Wouldn’t you be embarrassed for people to see you acting so childish?
  • B: You do realize that if you piss someone off they have your place of work, location, and k wo what you look like, right? At any moment they could bust right through your work doors, and kick. Your. A*s.


Facebook venting is a d*ckish, childish, and dangerous profession. You could die! Its obviously something that only 1% of people do, because the world isn’t terrible.


That’s Just The Comment Sections

By venting in the comment section you are almost guaranteed a reply. Sometimes your not looking for a reply though, you just want your friends, family, and random weirdos scrolling through profiles to see your anger towards someone, or something.

Facebook User 7 Recently Posted: You know it really angers me that some people think they can just do, and say whatever they want. Why do you talk crap about me? Are you jealous! Yeah, I know you are, and guess what everyone hates you. You know who you are.

M*otherf*cker. That is literally something a 2nd grader would consider a nasty comment.

I can handle people talking crap online, it happens. It’s not OK, and I don’t enjoy it, but I can handle it. But when your using insults that you swiped from a 9-year old you seem pretty desperate, and lonely. Plus: People can see you. Aren’t you worried you family is gonna see that you said something that is only 2-steps above “Nu-uh mommy said it’s my turn!”.

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