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Does Your Sites Alexa Rank Matter & Should You Get An Alexa Paid Subscription

Alexa is a technology company owned by Amazon. Not only does Alexa produce the famous Alexa (The box servant), but they also feature a world class website ranking system. Using Alexa you can determine where your website stands in the world, maybe your in the top 10 Million, maybe the top Million.

Does This Matter?

Yes! As your site climbs the charts you may be able to charge more for ads that you run on your site. It is also important for you personally, because your position on the chart can determine how good your site is, and how worthwhile the time you put into the site was.

By knowing your Alexa Rank you can compare your site to others, and maybe take some other sites techniques, and methods to help you receive more traffic. And that extra traffic could bring you a whole lot more money.

Really with the fact that you can charge more for ads–especially ones that you run yourself–and you can learn how to mimic the larger sites bringing in more views–hence ad impressions–Alexa is a way that you can end up making more money on your site.

Other Features

You can also use Alexa to gather other information about sites. Like a sites bounce rate, and how much time people spend on the site. You can then compare those stats to the stats on your own site, letting you know if your below, average, or above the average bounce rate, or times spent on site.

  • A Sites Best Keywords
  • What percentage of views come from search engines
  • Bounce rate
  • Daily page views per visitor
  • Daily time on the site
  • Most popular countries
  • US Rank & Global Rank
  • Et, Cetera.

Plus it will give you percentages to let you know if that site has increased, or decreased in those areas. Also graphs.

An Alexa Paid Subscription

Sometimes your site won’t already be entered into the database, and to help Alexa gather more, and better information you need to sign up for an Alexa Subscription. Again with better info you can adopt other tactics that may help your Alexa rank.

You can also view more features from other sites, that only those with the Paid Subscription can view.

How Much Is The Subscription

Well you can get the “Advanced” (Which strangely is the lowest offer) for $150 every month. Or you can get the “Agency” for $300 per month.

Is It Worth It

The extra Information that an Alexa Subscription provides wouldn’t be much more information than you can get for free.

But! With more accurate information from your end your site rank could go up,which means higher ad revenue. Or! Your site rank could go down. Maybe what they’re estimating could be greater than what you really are… unfortunately worsening your ad revenue.

So maybe you’ll get more money, maybe you’ll spend $150 on a subscription, and come out of it making less money. There’s also that possibility that the extra info you get isn’t much better than the free stuff, but Who knows! Maybe you’ll come out on top, maybe not. Just do what you think is best for your Alexa Rank.

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