The Daily Paragraph

The Doors Are About To Open

Recently I Caden738 of have made some major improvements to the site. We are raising our revenue, and are hoping that by the year 2021 (2 years away) we can be making enough money to have a video professionally made for each of our posts.

Our post count has risen from 1 per day, to 2 posts per day.

We have gotten rid of Google adsense, and instead moved onto ads

And The Doors Are About To Open

The store doors that is. Look at the Menu, if you click it you’ll see a bar that says “Store And Store Settings”. Currently you can make, and manage a store account, yet the store isn’t stocked. In the next couple of months we are hoping to create a selection for our store, and raise revenue.

When this new store opens please go ahead, purchase a product.


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